Thursday, April 11, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - No Friend to British Nationalism

Margaret Thatcher - Conservative, Capitalist, Philo-Semite
No Friend of National Socialism and British Racial Nationalism
Time to comment on the circus and media frenzy around the death of former Conservative Party leader, Prime Minister and member of the House of Lords Baroness Margaret Thatcher.
Despite all the gushing column inches in the British newspapers and hours of television flattery, there are many hundreds of thousands of ordinary British people who will not mourn her passing.
It is not just the political Left in Britain who hated Thatcher, she was not the 'great patriot' that Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed, she was a Conservative, pro-Big Business Capitalist, who ignored the interests of the indigenous British people and followed her own ideological agenda, but wrapped it in the red, white and blue of the Union flag to make it appear patriotic. 
Margaret Thatcher was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley in North London, and as such she had a massive Jewish voting base. She deliberately courted the Jewish vote, supported the Conservative Friends of Israel organisation, and more than any previous post-1945 Prime Minister, included more Jewish MP's in her Government and Cabinet. Margaret Thatcher was a philo-Semite who included many powerful Jewish business figures amongst her closest advisers.
As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher talked tough on immigration but only did so to undermine the
electoral appeal of the National Front in the late 1970's. Thatcher the so-called 'patriot' did nothing to halt Third World immigration into Britain and did nothing to prevent the growth of multi-culturalism.  Thatcher also courted the votes of pro-conservative, wealthy Asian businessmen amongst the settled immigrant communities in places like Southall.
Although Thatcher was a committed anti-communist, she did so from a free market capitalist position, she hated the political Left, but could have done much more to curb their insidious infiltration of local government, education and social services. 
In Ulster Thatcher defied the Irish Republicans and the terrorists of the IRA and the INLA, but eventually sold out the Loyalists.
On the mainland UK she waged war against the British working-class communities under the cloak of challenging the trade unions and the political Left, but destroyed communities and industries in the interests of free market forces, global capitalism and corporate business interests.
Thatcher the patriot regarded the working-class British as the enemy.
She militarised and politicised the British police as never before and used the police, the Special Branch and assorted security services as the hammer to batter down her own people.
Skills and tactics refined in Ulster were easily turned against the people she dubbed, 'the enemy within' and those forces have been used against all political persuasions of the British people ever since.
Thatcher boosted her failing rule by launching the Falklands Campaign, when in reality it was the result of her own government's policies that had allowed the Argentinians to invade the Falklands in the first place. Thatcher rode to victory on the backs of the flesh and blood of heroic British servicemen and women.
Nobody raised the question about land ownership in the Falklands, where allegedly the biggest landowner was the Coalite Company, (major share holder and board room occupant the millionaire businessman Mr Denis Thatcher). Could her husband's business interests have helped to prompt Thatcher into sending the Task Force?
Thatcher supported the official version of the Holocaust and was famously filmed in front
of a large photograph of alleged 'Nazi war crimes' where she denounced National Socialism and the Third Reich, extolling the work of the Yad Vashem museum and centre in Israel. 
Margaret Thatcher was no friend to National Socialism or British racial Nationalism, she damaged our country and our Cause.
She will not be mourned by British Movement.

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