Sunday, April 28, 2013

Building the British NS Alternative - Part 1.

Part 1.
Building the Grassroots Organisation
An alternative culture - the NS counter-culture
The alternative NS social support network
The alternative NS media
Infiltrating and taking control of community politics.
The reality of our situation in 21st Century Britain is that our enemies are working to a demographic time-line. The multi-culturalists and race-mixers believe that if they can keep up the pressure of their agenda, then Britain will reach a point where the non-white population becomes the majority and the decline of the White British will become terminal.
Their entire strategy is based on this timeline.
What they hope is that long before that time-line is reached, resistance to multi-culturalism and all its aspects and secondary issues will have ceased, and they hope, effectively the racially aware elements of the White British will have given up and accepted the inevitable.
But it is not inevitable. A viable, active and determined National Socialist movement can thwart that unacceptable future.
This is not likely to be achieved through standing in elections and campaigning at the ballot box.
British Movement has long declared that the electoral system in the UK is a fixed, rigged game, it works in favour of the main parties, particularly the rotating Conservative/Labour domination of government. What one previous British Movement leader called the Tory/Labour rotating dictatorship. 
Too often in the past, those involved in British Nationalism have operated on a short term strategy, too many believing that by working through elections their party would be 'in power in 10 years'.
Over-optimistic, unrealistic and totally underestimating how the power system behind British politics really works. 
The British National Socialist Movement believes in the long game, a struggle over decades, long term, building, working, campaigning and developing.
We must look at the tactics and strategies of our political enemies, learn from them, use their own tactics against them. The political Left operate on the basis of Infiltrate - Activate-Organise.
So must we.
Our strategy must also be to build up the NS counter-culture - provide OUR people an alternative to what the system offers them.
We must build an alternative media - to offer an NS alternative to the controlled information and entertainment the system churns out.
We must build up our grass roots organisation so that our activists can involve themselves in community politics. Shift the emphasis away from those local issues that run counter to what we want and through the pressure of influence shift the balance. This is how Leftists have operated, this is how non-whites have forced the local authorities to provide them with what their communities have demanded. The time has come to turn the tide.
Our activists have to be prepared to play the long game. These things will not happen overnight. 
In recent years the BNP tried to act on some of these ideas, but their projects were under-resourced and under-funded, geared up for a short-term fix and media coverage, that is why those BNP projects failed.
British Movement believes that such projects should be long term and media coverage is not necessary to how a National Socialist counter-culture should operate.
Behind every project should be the understanding that each development is a piece in a jigsaw -
the complete jigsaw is = WE WILL HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK!
Our country has been taken from us piece by piece - so WE must take it back piece by piece.
What British Movement intends requires commitment, determination and dedication.
There are scattered across Europe, dedicated National Socialists, people who were active and committed to the NS cause in the 1930's and 1940's. They are very old now, but their belief in the Great Idea has never dimmed, they believe now, as they have always believed, never wavering, even in the darkest hours and months after 1945 - they remained true.
That is the kind of National Socialist determination and belief needed now.

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