Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 20th - National Socialist Day

APRIL 20th
National Socialist Day
April 20th - Birthday of Adolf Hitler - it is heartening to know that even in 2013 after decades of post-1945 anti- NS and anti-Hitler propaganda, the date April 20th will be marked and celebrated by National Socialists worldwide.
Adolf Hitler, who forged National Socialism out of the politics of the early 20th Century, founder of the NSDAP, and political giant on the world stage, who made Race the corner stone of Aryan geo-politics, is remembered and celebrated.
Adolf Hitler - political visionary, Fuhrer of the Germans, founder of the NSDAP,  creator of the National Socialist ideology, author, orator, world statesman, war leader.
National Socialism did not die in 1945 - National Socialism lives on.

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  1. We honour & salute "the man against time"! 88