Sunday, April 28, 2013

Building the British NS Alternative - Part 1.

Part 1.
Building the Grassroots Organisation
An alternative culture - the NS counter-culture
The alternative NS social support network
The alternative NS media
Infiltrating and taking control of community politics.
The reality of our situation in 21st Century Britain is that our enemies are working to a demographic time-line. The multi-culturalists and race-mixers believe that if they can keep up the pressure of their agenda, then Britain will reach a point where the non-white population becomes the majority and the decline of the White British will become terminal.
Their entire strategy is based on this timeline.
What they hope is that long before that time-line is reached, resistance to multi-culturalism and all its aspects and secondary issues will have ceased, and they hope, effectively the racially aware elements of the White British will have given up and accepted the inevitable.
But it is not inevitable. A viable, active and determined National Socialist movement can thwart that unacceptable future.
This is not likely to be achieved through standing in elections and campaigning at the ballot box.
British Movement has long declared that the electoral system in the UK is a fixed, rigged game, it works in favour of the main parties, particularly the rotating Conservative/Labour domination of government. What one previous British Movement leader called the Tory/Labour rotating dictatorship. 
Too often in the past, those involved in British Nationalism have operated on a short term strategy, too many believing that by working through elections their party would be 'in power in 10 years'.
Over-optimistic, unrealistic and totally underestimating how the power system behind British politics really works. 
The British National Socialist Movement believes in the long game, a struggle over decades, long term, building, working, campaigning and developing.
We must look at the tactics and strategies of our political enemies, learn from them, use their own tactics against them. The political Left operate on the basis of Infiltrate - Activate-Organise.
So must we.
Our strategy must also be to build up the NS counter-culture - provide OUR people an alternative to what the system offers them.
We must build an alternative media - to offer an NS alternative to the controlled information and entertainment the system churns out.
We must build up our grass roots organisation so that our activists can involve themselves in community politics. Shift the emphasis away from those local issues that run counter to what we want and through the pressure of influence shift the balance. This is how Leftists have operated, this is how non-whites have forced the local authorities to provide them with what their communities have demanded. The time has come to turn the tide.
Our activists have to be prepared to play the long game. These things will not happen overnight. 
In recent years the BNP tried to act on some of these ideas, but their projects were under-resourced and under-funded, geared up for a short-term fix and media coverage, that is why those BNP projects failed.
British Movement believes that such projects should be long term and media coverage is not necessary to how a National Socialist counter-culture should operate.
Behind every project should be the understanding that each development is a piece in a jigsaw -
the complete jigsaw is = WE WILL HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK!
Our country has been taken from us piece by piece - so WE must take it back piece by piece.
What British Movement intends requires commitment, determination and dedication.
There are scattered across Europe, dedicated National Socialists, people who were active and committed to the NS cause in the 1930's and 1940's. They are very old now, but their belief in the Great Idea has never dimmed, they believe now, as they have always believed, never wavering, even in the darkest hours and months after 1945 - they remained true.
That is the kind of National Socialist determination and belief needed now.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Stephen Lawrence Saga - A stick they will use for years to come to beat the White British into submission.

The Stephen Lawrence Saga
The Stick the Multi-culturalists use to Beat the White British
Part of the Enforcement Tactics to Browbeat the Indigenous British into Accepting
a Multi-Racial Society.
Unbelievably, this week has seen numerous reminders by left-wing and multi-culturalist media outlets, that it is the so-called, '20th Anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence'.   
Why is this so important to them?
Have there not been other 'racist' murders?
What about White victims of racist murders?
It is only a month ago that this blog site raised the memory of Kris Donald, the 15 year old, White Glaswegian boy who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a racist Asian gang.
The political Left are obsessed with the Stephen Lawrence story. It is the one murder that is used to constantly remind the black population of Britain that they are the victims of a 'racist' society and that all the British bodies of authority are 'institutionally racist', and have to be changed.
Everything has to be geared to a multi-racial, multi-cultural agenda.
This is because the anti-racists and their liberal fellow-travellers know that the bulk of the indigenous White British population (still the majority despite all their efforts) do not like the idea of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain. 
This was the headline for the pro-multi-culturalist 'Guardian' supplement this week.
The 'Guardian' is a mainstream national newspaper, and pro-Left/liberal.
This week it has carried Stephen Lawrence articles for several days.
All the reports in a four page spread were written by black commentators on the 'meaning' of Stephen Lawrence
for them and their experiences in 'racist' Britain.

A typically left-wing, multi-culturalist statement from the 'Guardian' articles.
What exactly do they mean by the comment - " shocked Britain and forced the country to
take a hard look at itself"?
No it did not! It was used by certain politically motivated elements with the liberal elite and the media to force through an agenda that they wanted to impose on the majority population.
Outside London and its metropolitan political framework of think-tanks and opinion shapers, the murder of Stephen Lawrence was just another killing on a London street. It was the media that generated and inflated the story into the Left-wing cause celebre that it remains.

Sadly, too many ordinary White British people are taken in by this propaganda barrage.
There is an alternative view, a racial Nationalist view, a British National Socialist view, and contrary to what the self-styled anti-racists say, is not founded on hatred. It is founded on the need for the White British to survive as the majority in their own country and to preserve and defend their identity, culture, heritage,  traditions and most importantly their untainted racial gene-pool.

The front of a leaflet anonymously produced in South-East London by angry White Londoners in 2012.
This leaflet counters the tidal wave of Stephen Lawrence publicity and highlights the lack of comparable coverage to White victims of racial violence.
This particular sample was sent posted anonymously to the British Movement Sunwheel Office from Eltham, South East London last year.
 The Stephen Lawrence case is a one-way campaign to exploit liberal white guilt and leftist white self-hatred. Every article about the case raises the old left-wing image of 'white racism' - reminding the black population of London and other British towns and cities that they are the victims of discrimination and prejudice - Stephen Lawrence is the totem of their suffering.
Why is this not considered as stirring up hatred against the white British majority?
Why do 'they', the multi-culturalists always demand that WE the White British have to change?
WE, the indigenous White British did not ask these people to colonise OUR country.
They came here at the invitation of big-business, ideologically driven politicians, and unscrupulous post-1945 government mandarins who wanted to import cheap labour.
The non-whites were not invited here by the ordinary White British, but we are the ones who are punished and brow-beaten for refusing to accept a multi-racial society.

The reverse side of the same leaflet criticising the trial of Norris and Dobson, the men convicted of the Stephen Lawrence murder. The leaflet angrily raises a number of probing questions the liberal media chooses to ignore.

The Stephen Lawrence story is used as an image by the multi-culturalists to remind the non-whites that they have suffered for years at the hands of the British - all the lessons in citizenship in British schools point an finger at the White British as all the old images are trotted out - colonial exploitation, the slave trade, British imperialism - no guesses as to who the villains are, and of course - racial prejudice here in the UK. So White children have to feel guilty about there past and black and brown children can feel angry and demand their rights.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 20th - National Socialist Day

APRIL 20th
National Socialist Day
April 20th - Birthday of Adolf Hitler - it is heartening to know that even in 2013 after decades of post-1945 anti- NS and anti-Hitler propaganda, the date April 20th will be marked and celebrated by National Socialists worldwide.
Adolf Hitler, who forged National Socialism out of the politics of the early 20th Century, founder of the NSDAP, and political giant on the world stage, who made Race the corner stone of Aryan geo-politics, is remembered and celebrated.
Adolf Hitler - political visionary, Fuhrer of the Germans, founder of the NSDAP,  creator of the National Socialist ideology, author, orator, world statesman, war leader.
National Socialism did not die in 1945 - National Socialism lives on.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - No Friend to British Nationalism

Margaret Thatcher - Conservative, Capitalist, Philo-Semite
No Friend of National Socialism and British Racial Nationalism
Time to comment on the circus and media frenzy around the death of former Conservative Party leader, Prime Minister and member of the House of Lords Baroness Margaret Thatcher.
Despite all the gushing column inches in the British newspapers and hours of television flattery, there are many hundreds of thousands of ordinary British people who will not mourn her passing.
It is not just the political Left in Britain who hated Thatcher, she was not the 'great patriot' that Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed, she was a Conservative, pro-Big Business Capitalist, who ignored the interests of the indigenous British people and followed her own ideological agenda, but wrapped it in the red, white and blue of the Union flag to make it appear patriotic. 
Margaret Thatcher was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley in North London, and as such she had a massive Jewish voting base. She deliberately courted the Jewish vote, supported the Conservative Friends of Israel organisation, and more than any previous post-1945 Prime Minister, included more Jewish MP's in her Government and Cabinet. Margaret Thatcher was a philo-Semite who included many powerful Jewish business figures amongst her closest advisers.
As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher talked tough on immigration but only did so to undermine the
electoral appeal of the National Front in the late 1970's. Thatcher the so-called 'patriot' did nothing to halt Third World immigration into Britain and did nothing to prevent the growth of multi-culturalism.  Thatcher also courted the votes of pro-conservative, wealthy Asian businessmen amongst the settled immigrant communities in places like Southall.
Although Thatcher was a committed anti-communist, she did so from a free market capitalist position, she hated the political Left, but could have done much more to curb their insidious infiltration of local government, education and social services. 
In Ulster Thatcher defied the Irish Republicans and the terrorists of the IRA and the INLA, but eventually sold out the Loyalists.
On the mainland UK she waged war against the British working-class communities under the cloak of challenging the trade unions and the political Left, but destroyed communities and industries in the interests of free market forces, global capitalism and corporate business interests.
Thatcher the patriot regarded the working-class British as the enemy.
She militarised and politicised the British police as never before and used the police, the Special Branch and assorted security services as the hammer to batter down her own people.
Skills and tactics refined in Ulster were easily turned against the people she dubbed, 'the enemy within' and those forces have been used against all political persuasions of the British people ever since.
Thatcher boosted her failing rule by launching the Falklands Campaign, when in reality it was the result of her own government's policies that had allowed the Argentinians to invade the Falklands in the first place. Thatcher rode to victory on the backs of the flesh and blood of heroic British servicemen and women.
Nobody raised the question about land ownership in the Falklands, where allegedly the biggest landowner was the Coalite Company, (major share holder and board room occupant the millionaire businessman Mr Denis Thatcher). Could her husband's business interests have helped to prompt Thatcher into sending the Task Force?
Thatcher supported the official version of the Holocaust and was famously filmed in front
of a large photograph of alleged 'Nazi war crimes' where she denounced National Socialism and the Third Reich, extolling the work of the Yad Vashem museum and centre in Israel. 
Margaret Thatcher was no friend to National Socialism or British racial Nationalism, she damaged our country and our Cause.
She will not be mourned by British Movement.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Di Canio - 'Fascism' - Sunderland FC - The Usual Left-Wing Media Circus

Paolo Di Canio - Italian Fascism - Sunderland FC - The Anti-Racist Hysteria
All in just one week!
Sunderland FC appointed the highly skilled Italian professional footballer/football coach/football commentator/ football club manager; as club manager just over a week ago and every day since then the media and political Left have staged a circus of hysteria and political one-upmanship.
Unfortunately this left-wing circus is likely to continue for some time as each 'lefty' faction tries to get on the bandwagon and grab the media spotlight. No one should be surprised to see the usual collection of placard waving 'anti-racists' outside the Stadium of Light at the next home game.
We can be sure that there will be a handful of attention-seeking 'activists' wearing yellow-star badges or 'pyjama striped concentration camp suits', who will try to embarrass Di Canio by rushing towards his dugout seat on the touch-line. The cameras will click and they will scream and shout their well-rehearsed outrage that a self-declared Fascist is managing the team.
Or is he a self-declared Fascist?
Across the week, every lefty media hack worth his or her salt has had an opinion on Paolo Di Canio, not of it complimentary, and mostly based on what other left-wing media sources have told them.
It has been a classic example of how the very loud political minority of the Left tries to bully the majority of the population into toe-ing the ideological line that the Left have drawn.
In the anti-racist book there is no room for differing or alternative opinions, it is their way or no way.
Consider the number of football grounds that have permanent banners on display saying;
"Show Racism the Red Card" or "Kick it Out" <meaning racism> but there are no banners on display giving an opposing opinion; if there was real equality of opinion and expression why not banners saying "Stop Immigration" or " White, British and Proud!" on the opposite side of the ground? 
Vocal pressure groups like  'Kick it Out' or the odious Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are a noisy minority but create enough media attention to force the Football Association and individual clubs to follow the agenda that they dictate. It is high time that the silent majority raised their voices and made the FA and clubs take notice of an alternative and valid viewpoint.
Of course the news media have gone along with the nonsense about Di Canio and have given publicity to every utterance against him and his alleged personal political position.
Every day has seen a different headline on the sports pages of newspapers,
" How can football consider itself a beautiful game and justify Paolo Di Canio's Nazi salute?"
" Di Canio refuses chance to deny support for fascism" - that was Wednesday April 3rd.
"Di Canio : I'm no fascist" - that was Thursday April 4th.
"Di Canio embraces democracy in attempt to save Sunderland" - Friday April 5th.
Of course the last couple of headlines were probably the idea of the Sunderland PR team rather than anything Mr Di Canio might have come up with himself. One wonders what his former fans at Lazio make of the last couple of statements attributed to Di Canio. 
Then there has been the circus of anti-racists trying to outdo each other in expressing their anguish of Sunderland being managed by 'this man'. Newspaper letter pages have been flooded with letters all expressing the same kind of snivelling commentary along the lines of;
" I am a life-long Sunderland Supporter, Labour Party member/Trade Unionist/ CND/ anti-racist
(delete as appropriate) How can I attend another home game knowing THAT MAN is managing MY team?"
A classic piece of political one-upmanship came when David Milliband, recently resigned as the local Labour Party Member of Parliament, resigned his position on Sunderland's board. One cynical left-wing journalist pointed out that Milliband was indulging in 'gesture politics'. He had already resigned as MP and is heading for a high profile (and lucrative) job with a charity based in the USA, so it is unlikely he would be attending many Sunderland games in the future, as he is going to be living in New York.
Best of all was the so-called 'Open letter' to Di Canio from the Dean of Durham, the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, who very publicly posted his thoughts to Di Canio on the club website.
It seems that the Very Reverend Sadgrove is not only a Sunderland Supporter, but is also the son of a Jewish woman who came to Britain as a refugee in the 1930's; his letter not only managed to raise the subject of Fascism, Di Canio's supposed tattoos glorifying Il Duce, racism, the death camps etc but also the political campaigns of the British National Party in the North East of England!.
WOW!  That was some feat of letter writing!
The Very Reverend Sadgrove called on Di Canio, "But I believe that unless you clearly renounce
fascism in all its manifestations, you will be associated with these toxic far-right tendencies."
So no scope for Mr Di Canio to be entitled to his own private political opinions then?
But that is how the anti-racist Left operates - it is either their way or no way.
High time this nonsense was challenged and put in its place!