Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Multi-Cultural Madness - The Media Actually Think This is a 'Good Thing'

Multi- Cultural Madness
The Media Actually Think That This Story is Something to 'Celebrate'
Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough
This week it was officially recognised that of the 450 children at this school - NONE had English as a first language - Peterborough, is a town roughly in the centre of England, so what does this say about the state of our country?
This is how the 'Guardian' newspaper reported on the story of
Gladstone Primary school in Peterborough.
The 'Guardian' is aimed at a liberal, left-wing readership and
was actually pleased to report on the multi-racial and multi-cultural
make-up at this school which has no English children.
The only white children in the school are from Eastern Europe.
The story about the primary school in Peterborough reflects just how badly Britain has suffered and continues to suffer from a never-ending tide of immigration.
At Gladstone Primary school, 80% of the children arte Pakistani - their first language is Punjabi;
20 other languages are spoken by the children at this school (English is not one of them);
they speak Dari, Pashto, Gujarati, Arabic,  Kurdish, and some of the African children speak a form of French. The only European languages spoken are Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovakian and German.
How strange it must be for those East European children to be the only white faces in classrooms full of brown and black faces, yet they are in England!
This one little school in a district of Peterborough is a sad reflection of what the twisted policy of multi-culturalism and 'diversity' has done to Britain. The town of Peterborough stands in Cambridgeshire, on the edge of the ancient Fenlands, once home to England's Dark Age hero Hereward the Wake, who led Saxon resistance against the Norman invaders.
What future for the descendants of those Anglo-Saxons in Peterborough now?
What possible connection can those 80% of children speaking Punjabi have with the hero of Anglo-Saxon England?
This school is a microcosm of the destruction of England's heritage, customs and culture.
What future can there be, when a teacher at the school admitted to the 'Guardian' that,
Punjabi speaking Pakistani children at the school never spoke English;
"It was getting to a situation where our children didn't need to speak English
when they were going out. They'd go to the local shops, which were Asian, and
the doctors were Asian."
 This in the heart of England.
This is why multi-culturalism and a multi-racial society must be resisted.
We must never give up our campaign until immigration is halted and repatriation is a policy of government, this includes all the colonisers who arrived here from the 'Empire Windrush' in 1948 onwards.



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