Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kriss Donald - Follow Up

KRISS DONALD - Remembering him in 2013
A Follow Up To Previous Blog
On Saturday March 16th 2013 - A group of racial Nationalist including a member of British Movement managed to travel across Glasgow to lay a wreath on the memorial bench for Kriss Donald. We have received reports from other racial Nationalist in Scotland that Strathclyde Police were being less than helpful and had suggested that the Pollokshields  district was now considered a 'Muslim area' and that the presence of White Nationalists could provoke trouble and banned a formal Nationalist gathering at the site. In the end a group of activists from the Scottish Defence League (SDL)  managed to get through and lay flowers and raise their Kriss Donald memorial banner.
 In previous years White Nationalists gathering to commemorate the murder of Kriss Donald have been harassed by the police and any attempts at marking the murder have been obstructed.
Of course this was not good enough for the anti-racists at the Marxist inspired Hope Not Hate organisation who have condemned the White racial Nationalists who dared to defy the police ban and were aided and abetted by the journalists at the Scottish Sun, who ran an article attacking the Nationalist act of remembering Kriss Donald.

The Kriss Donald memorial bench with floral tributes laid by racial Nationalists.
British Movement cannot help but compare this situation with that of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. There is an impressive memorial plaque set into the pavement near the bus stop in Eltham, South East London, where Stephen Lawrence was killed. The authorities have a CCTV camera mounted on a lamp column covering the Stephen Lawrence memorial and the Metropolitan Police have traced and prosecuted people who have tried to disfigure or remove it.
The murder of Stephen Lawrence is regularly raised in the press, but the kidnap, torture and murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald is always played down. The difference is that Kriss Donald was brutally killed by Asians - but Stephen Lawrence was a black teenager stabbed to death by a White gang,
The police in Glasgow deny White Nationalists the right to mark the murder of Kriss Donald, but if black political activists were denied the right to lay flowers at the Stephen Lawrence memorial all hell would break loose!
There is no equality here - the media and the authorities in Glasgow conspire to deny and denigrate this act of remembrance by sincere White racial Nationalists, the excuse they use is it is in the interests of community cohesion and diversity.
The day will come when all these actions have to be answered for.
Never Forgive ! Never Forget!


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