Sunday, March 24, 2013

Immigration - The Subject Will Not Go Away

The Political Mainstream Parties Continue to Meddle About the Edges
A couple of weeks ago in this blog we suggested that the main political parties were starting to panic because UKIP had scored election points by talking 'tough' on immigration.
Desperate for votes, and getting into a panic over the forecasts on the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians (especially the Roma-gypsies) who will pour into the UK in 2014, the three main parties are trying to influence the voters of Britain with empty rhetoric about immigration and tinkering around the edges with new rules, but not actually dealing with the subject.
Despite what some individual Conservative MP's might say, the Conservative, Labour and Liberal-Democrat parties are all committed to a multi-racial Britain and policies that support multi-culturalism. 
All three parties know how 'sensitive' a subject immigration is to the British people, they know that in spite of all the pro-multi-racial propaganda over the last six decades, there is still a huge majority of the White British population who don't like multi-culturalism, don't want black, brown or yellow neighbours, and are opposed to continuing immigration.
UKIP are a soft-option, they talk tough on immigration but repeatedly tell everyone that they are not 'racist' and welcome all 'British' citizens as members regardless of race or creed. So the UKIP position on immigration is really the same as the Conservatives were 30 years ago.
Now Prime Minister Cameron is wittering about changes to the rules on housing and social welfare benefits for immigrants, yet just a couple of weeks ago he was in India telling the Indians that he wanted to relax immigration controls for Indian migrants. A typical Tory position, tell your audience what you think they want to hear, then do nothing or go for the softest option.
The Labour Party rely on the non-white urban voters to get their candidates elected, so they will not be too tough on immigration. Besides the last Labour government allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants of all colours to flood in to Britain. (All potential future Labour voters).
The Liberal Democrats flounder around with unrealistic, liberal/soft-Left policies. The Lib-Dems like multi-culturalism and their leader Nick Clegg actually promised to look at a plan to grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants, giving those living and working in Britain (illegally) for a number of years, full British citizenship - what Clegg called 'earned citizenship'.
The Lib-Dem 'Think-tank' policy makers have now realised how unpopular this idea is with the average White British voter (still the majority) and is seen by the man or woman in the street as rewarding foreigners for breaking the law. So Clegg is dropping that particular election promise.
There is only one real solution to the problem of immigration - a hard, radical stance.
British Movement stands by the 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation' position it has always held.
There is no room for a 'little salt in the soup'. The British Movement position on British citizenship is that it should be based on RACE - pure White European, Aryan ancestry - no mixed-race.
Any bleating about 'Human Rights' or European and International Conventions should and must be ignored - a National Socialist administration would and will pass the necessary legislation and close Britain's doors before beginning the long-term exodus of the non-white colonisers - no matter if there are two, three, four or five generations living in our midst - the post-Windrush populations can begin the return journeys.
A radical, difficult policy but essential for the survival of the White British.
It can be done IF our people have the WILL to see it done.


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