Sunday, March 31, 2013

Immigration - The Multiculturalists Do Not Like Opposition

IMMIGRATION - A Threat to Britain and Western Europe
The Multiculturalists Do Not Like Opposition To Migration.
In recent blogs, we here at the British Movement office have detailed how mainstream British politicians have started to use the subject of immigration as a possible vote winner.
Now the multi-culturalists at the heart of the European Union have started their campaign to take immigration off the agenda and to silence opposition to what they call, 'the free movement of labour', not only in Britain, but in Germany, Greece, Italy, France and elsewhere.
The European Union is by its very nature Internationalist, and its bureaucrats and Euro-apparatchiks are multi-culturalists who dislike any display of nationalism or national identity.
Now the British government have been warned to tone down their anti-immigration rhetoric by none other than Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe human rights commissioner.
   Latvian born Mr Muiznieks does not like any kind of anti-immigration thinking, and has described the (weak and feeble) anti-immigration speeches of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as being, "shameful rhetoric" and "risked feeding stereotypes and hostility towards migrants".
Typical left-wing speak. These internationalists see immigration as their chief weapon in flooding Britain and Europe with immigrants in order to break national identities, cultures and racial pride, to create polyglot, multi-ethnic communities of willing wage slaves.
Mr Muizniek went on to repeat the same old tired internationalist propaganda myth that,
Migrants are crucial to our economy" and that "wealth produced by migrants profited everybody."
No it does not!
Mass immigration creates cheap labour that holds down wages for indigenous workers; it creates housing shortages, higher rents, pressure on schools, health and social services. It creates unnecessary competition in the jobs market, forces house building programmes that destroy the countryside.
It creates cultural clashes, racial problems and ethnic minority colonisation of our country.
We can train our own children, our own youth, our own unemployed the skills to fill the jobs that are needed by our economy. WE do not need the greedy capitalist, corporate obsession with constantly growing and expanding businesses. We can have a stable economy without that wealth driven pressure. Our economy does not need immigration. 


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