Thursday, March 7, 2013

Immigration - The British Political Mainstream Are Starting To Panic

The Mainstream Political Parties Are Starting to Panic.
British Movement has been campaigning against immigration since BM was founded in 1968.
Before that BM founder Colin Jordan had campaigned against immigration since the 1950's.
Over the years the mainstream parties in British political parties have refused to listen to the
White British people and have defended immigrants and immigrant communities in the UK and have courted the votes of the Third World colonisers.
Whenever immigration has surfaced as a possible election issue the Conservative party has tinkered with the immigration rules and talked tough, but has always let the British down. 
In the late 1970's Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher played the immigration card to undermine the election hopes of the National Front.
No matter what the majority of the white British population think or say about immigration, the main political parties, the British Establishment always claim to know best and ignore what they say are 'out-dated, racist attitudes' and have pushed the multi-cultural agenda for decades.
When the British National Party were gaining seats in local elections, the Conservatives talked tough again on immigration but did nothing, UKIP was pushed forward and began to talk tough on immigration to distract fringe voters away from the BNP.
The Labour Party under Premier Tony Blair and under Gordon Brown deliberately slackened immigration controls. A leaked Labour government internal memo from the Gordon Brown era actually boasted that under Labour immigration was letting the hordes of the Third World into the UK and wanted to "rub Middle England and the 'Right's' noses in multi-culturalism".
Now those same Labour Party politicians who served alongside Gordon Brown are claiming that the Labour Party will be 'tough' on immigration in future and 'made mistakes when in Government'.
Too Right They Did!
What arrogant rubbish - the Labour Party know that they depend on ethnic minority votes in the urban centres and Labour MP's routinely fight immigration cases to help established immigrant colonisers to bring in relatives from Asia, Africa or wherever else. 
The new Labour policy statements this week on immigration are just a panic move because Labour wants to take votes in Southern England where they will need to win over White voters.
The Labour Party as two-faced as ever.
The Liberal Democrats love multi-culturalism and are big fans of multi-racial communities.
The Conservatives will offer a lot, do very little but posture and talk tough. Only last week Prime Minister David Cameron was grovelling to Indian government ministers for investment and promised to slacken immigration rules for young, professional Indians, Indian businessmen etc etc !!!
UKIP are the false flag organisation of British politics - they are Conservatives who have fallen out with the Conservative Party but don't want to vote for anything that is Nationalist or racial Nationalist.
Why are the mainstream panicking ?
Because of the looming tidal wave in Eastern Europe when restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria are relaxed. They know that thousands of impoverished  Roma gypsies will flood into Britain and that will really create social and welfare problems. That on top of the continuing incoming illegal immigration from the Third World and the prospect of 'refugees' coming to Britain claiming asylum from the conflict in Syria.
Immigration problems terrify the mainstream parties because it makes the British people think about Race, racial differences and racial conflict. They do not want race in British politics because they know that RACE is the one topic that they cannot handle.

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