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British Movement Remembers Kriss Donald

Murdered in Glasgow Monday 15th of March 2004
British Movement Does Not Forget This Brutal Race-Hate Crime

Never Forgive!  Never Forget!

The murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in March 2004 should have been media headlines across the United Kingdom, but it was not.
Kriss Donald was an innocent, White, Scottish teenager who was snatched off a street in Glasgow by a car full of Asian gangsters and drug-dealers; they wanted to kill a White man, any White man.
The Asians, were all of Pakistani 'origins' living and engaging in assorted criminal activities in the Glasgow area, they drove out of the city with Kriss in their car and during a 200 mile round trip, brutally tortured the boy before stripping him, stabbing him and dumping his body on some waste ground near the Celtic Supporters Club off London Road, Glasgow.
But the media effectively played the crime down for fear of inciting 'racial tensions'.
Outside Glasgow there was barely any reporting of the murder or the severity of the torture and the killing.
If the races had been reversed and a 15 year old Asian had been treated in the same way by a car full of White men the story would have made national and Europe wide headlines.
The authorities in Scotland were terrified that when the details of the kidnap, torture and murder of a helpless Glaswegian teenager became known, there would be a violent backlash against Asians in the city, Pakistanis in Glasgow would be prime targets.
So there was an almost immediate response, behind closed doors in private meetings, the Glasgow city authorities including the Asian MP for Glasgow, Strathclyde Police and assorted race relations advisors and representatives of the Asian community, planned a response.  The media both in Scotland and across the UK collaborated in 'de-fusing' a racial time-bomb; Asian 'community leaders' were trotted out to deliver carefully scripted speeches condemning the murder and appealing for calm and racial tolerance.
There was orchestrated condemnation of any British racial Nationalist organisations showing interest in the case, and Kriss Donald's family were cajoled into calling for racial tolerance and asking for White Nationalists to stay away.
As often happens in such murders, the Asian gang split and ran - at least half the gang escaped to Pakistan.
The police arrested just two of the gang, Daanish Zahid and Zahid Mohammed, who stood trial in Glasgow in November 2004. In a very telling episode during the trial, the police cleared known White British racial Nationalists from the court public gallery where they were acting as observers.
Daanish Zahid was found guilty of racially motivated murder - the first such verdict in Scottish history, but this landmark in Scottish legal history was kept very low key, especially south of the border. The media could not have been less interested.
Zahid Mohammed was found guilty of abduction.
In July 2005, in Pakistan, 3 more suspects were arrested and deported to the UK to stand trial.
In October 2006 they stood trial and Imran Shahid, Zeesham Zhahid and Mohammed Faisal were found guilty of racially motivated murder.
Kriss Donald's family had to wait so long for justice and had to endure the grizzly details over two different trials.
Once again the media maintained a low key approach - in the interests of 'community relations'.
Strathclyde Police stressed that "At all times during the investigation they had the full support of the local community and community leaders." Especially the Asian MP who negotiated with the Pakistani Government.
Just in case there were any signs of a White backlash.
How very different this case would have been treated if Kriss Donald had been black or Asian.
After much public condemnation of the media reporting of the Kriss Donald case, the BBC actually admitted that it had only given 'reduced' coverage to the story and had 'got it wrong'.
One piece of honesty about the media treatment of the Kriss Donald murder came from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) - Peter Fahy, the ACPO spokesman on race related matters admitted,
"It was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men."
If nothing else, all British National Socialists and racial Nationalists should remember how the British media behaved towards the story of the kidnap, torture and murder of Kriss Donald.
All fair-minded British men and women should look at the brutal facts of the death of Kriss Donald and compare how his tragic death was regarded by the TV, radio and newspapers and compare it to the story of the killing of Stephen Lawrence in South London.
The media have never dropped the Stephen Lawrence story.
Who remembers Kriss Donald?
There is a small plaque as a memorial to Kriss Donald on a bench near the River Clyde.

British Movement remembers the racial murder of Kriss Donald.
A victim of a multi-racial society.

Never Forgive - Never Forget!


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