Sunday, March 31, 2013

Immigration - The Multiculturalists Do Not Like Opposition

IMMIGRATION - A Threat to Britain and Western Europe
The Multiculturalists Do Not Like Opposition To Migration.
In recent blogs, we here at the British Movement office have detailed how mainstream British politicians have started to use the subject of immigration as a possible vote winner.
Now the multi-culturalists at the heart of the European Union have started their campaign to take immigration off the agenda and to silence opposition to what they call, 'the free movement of labour', not only in Britain, but in Germany, Greece, Italy, France and elsewhere.
The European Union is by its very nature Internationalist, and its bureaucrats and Euro-apparatchiks are multi-culturalists who dislike any display of nationalism or national identity.
Now the British government have been warned to tone down their anti-immigration rhetoric by none other than Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe human rights commissioner.
   Latvian born Mr Muiznieks does not like any kind of anti-immigration thinking, and has described the (weak and feeble) anti-immigration speeches of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as being, "shameful rhetoric" and "risked feeding stereotypes and hostility towards migrants".
Typical left-wing speak. These internationalists see immigration as their chief weapon in flooding Britain and Europe with immigrants in order to break national identities, cultures and racial pride, to create polyglot, multi-ethnic communities of willing wage slaves.
Mr Muizniek went on to repeat the same old tired internationalist propaganda myth that,
Migrants are crucial to our economy" and that "wealth produced by migrants profited everybody."
No it does not!
Mass immigration creates cheap labour that holds down wages for indigenous workers; it creates housing shortages, higher rents, pressure on schools, health and social services. It creates unnecessary competition in the jobs market, forces house building programmes that destroy the countryside.
It creates cultural clashes, racial problems and ethnic minority colonisation of our country.
We can train our own children, our own youth, our own unemployed the skills to fill the jobs that are needed by our economy. WE do not need the greedy capitalist, corporate obsession with constantly growing and expanding businesses. We can have a stable economy without that wealth driven pressure. Our economy does not need immigration. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Immigration - The Subject Will Not Go Away

The Political Mainstream Parties Continue to Meddle About the Edges
A couple of weeks ago in this blog we suggested that the main political parties were starting to panic because UKIP had scored election points by talking 'tough' on immigration.
Desperate for votes, and getting into a panic over the forecasts on the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians (especially the Roma-gypsies) who will pour into the UK in 2014, the three main parties are trying to influence the voters of Britain with empty rhetoric about immigration and tinkering around the edges with new rules, but not actually dealing with the subject.
Despite what some individual Conservative MP's might say, the Conservative, Labour and Liberal-Democrat parties are all committed to a multi-racial Britain and policies that support multi-culturalism. 
All three parties know how 'sensitive' a subject immigration is to the British people, they know that in spite of all the pro-multi-racial propaganda over the last six decades, there is still a huge majority of the White British population who don't like multi-culturalism, don't want black, brown or yellow neighbours, and are opposed to continuing immigration.
UKIP are a soft-option, they talk tough on immigration but repeatedly tell everyone that they are not 'racist' and welcome all 'British' citizens as members regardless of race or creed. So the UKIP position on immigration is really the same as the Conservatives were 30 years ago.
Now Prime Minister Cameron is wittering about changes to the rules on housing and social welfare benefits for immigrants, yet just a couple of weeks ago he was in India telling the Indians that he wanted to relax immigration controls for Indian migrants. A typical Tory position, tell your audience what you think they want to hear, then do nothing or go for the softest option.
The Labour Party rely on the non-white urban voters to get their candidates elected, so they will not be too tough on immigration. Besides the last Labour government allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants of all colours to flood in to Britain. (All potential future Labour voters).
The Liberal Democrats flounder around with unrealistic, liberal/soft-Left policies. The Lib-Dems like multi-culturalism and their leader Nick Clegg actually promised to look at a plan to grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants, giving those living and working in Britain (illegally) for a number of years, full British citizenship - what Clegg called 'earned citizenship'.
The Lib-Dem 'Think-tank' policy makers have now realised how unpopular this idea is with the average White British voter (still the majority) and is seen by the man or woman in the street as rewarding foreigners for breaking the law. So Clegg is dropping that particular election promise.
There is only one real solution to the problem of immigration - a hard, radical stance.
British Movement stands by the 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation' position it has always held.
There is no room for a 'little salt in the soup'. The British Movement position on British citizenship is that it should be based on RACE - pure White European, Aryan ancestry - no mixed-race.
Any bleating about 'Human Rights' or European and International Conventions should and must be ignored - a National Socialist administration would and will pass the necessary legislation and close Britain's doors before beginning the long-term exodus of the non-white colonisers - no matter if there are two, three, four or five generations living in our midst - the post-Windrush populations can begin the return journeys.
A radical, difficult policy but essential for the survival of the White British.
It can be done IF our people have the WILL to see it done.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kriss Donald - Follow Up

KRISS DONALD - Remembering him in 2013
A Follow Up To Previous Blog
On Saturday March 16th 2013 - A group of racial Nationalist including a member of British Movement managed to travel across Glasgow to lay a wreath on the memorial bench for Kriss Donald. We have received reports from other racial Nationalist in Scotland that Strathclyde Police were being less than helpful and had suggested that the Pollokshields  district was now considered a 'Muslim area' and that the presence of White Nationalists could provoke trouble and banned a formal Nationalist gathering at the site. In the end a group of activists from the Scottish Defence League (SDL)  managed to get through and lay flowers and raise their Kriss Donald memorial banner.
 In previous years White Nationalists gathering to commemorate the murder of Kriss Donald have been harassed by the police and any attempts at marking the murder have been obstructed.
Of course this was not good enough for the anti-racists at the Marxist inspired Hope Not Hate organisation who have condemned the White racial Nationalists who dared to defy the police ban and were aided and abetted by the journalists at the Scottish Sun, who ran an article attacking the Nationalist act of remembering Kriss Donald.

The Kriss Donald memorial bench with floral tributes laid by racial Nationalists.
British Movement cannot help but compare this situation with that of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. There is an impressive memorial plaque set into the pavement near the bus stop in Eltham, South East London, where Stephen Lawrence was killed. The authorities have a CCTV camera mounted on a lamp column covering the Stephen Lawrence memorial and the Metropolitan Police have traced and prosecuted people who have tried to disfigure or remove it.
The murder of Stephen Lawrence is regularly raised in the press, but the kidnap, torture and murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald is always played down. The difference is that Kriss Donald was brutally killed by Asians - but Stephen Lawrence was a black teenager stabbed to death by a White gang,
The police in Glasgow deny White Nationalists the right to mark the murder of Kriss Donald, but if black political activists were denied the right to lay flowers at the Stephen Lawrence memorial all hell would break loose!
There is no equality here - the media and the authorities in Glasgow conspire to deny and denigrate this act of remembrance by sincere White racial Nationalists, the excuse they use is it is in the interests of community cohesion and diversity.
The day will come when all these actions have to be answered for.
Never Forgive ! Never Forget!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

British Movement Remembers Kriss Donald

Murdered in Glasgow Monday 15th of March 2004
British Movement Does Not Forget This Brutal Race-Hate Crime

Never Forgive!  Never Forget!

The murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in March 2004 should have been media headlines across the United Kingdom, but it was not.
Kriss Donald was an innocent, White, Scottish teenager who was snatched off a street in Glasgow by a car full of Asian gangsters and drug-dealers; they wanted to kill a White man, any White man.
The Asians, were all of Pakistani 'origins' living and engaging in assorted criminal activities in the Glasgow area, they drove out of the city with Kriss in their car and during a 200 mile round trip, brutally tortured the boy before stripping him, stabbing him and dumping his body on some waste ground near the Celtic Supporters Club off London Road, Glasgow.
But the media effectively played the crime down for fear of inciting 'racial tensions'.
Outside Glasgow there was barely any reporting of the murder or the severity of the torture and the killing.
If the races had been reversed and a 15 year old Asian had been treated in the same way by a car full of White men the story would have made national and Europe wide headlines.
The authorities in Scotland were terrified that when the details of the kidnap, torture and murder of a helpless Glaswegian teenager became known, there would be a violent backlash against Asians in the city, Pakistanis in Glasgow would be prime targets.
So there was an almost immediate response, behind closed doors in private meetings, the Glasgow city authorities including the Asian MP for Glasgow, Strathclyde Police and assorted race relations advisors and representatives of the Asian community, planned a response.  The media both in Scotland and across the UK collaborated in 'de-fusing' a racial time-bomb; Asian 'community leaders' were trotted out to deliver carefully scripted speeches condemning the murder and appealing for calm and racial tolerance.
There was orchestrated condemnation of any British racial Nationalist organisations showing interest in the case, and Kriss Donald's family were cajoled into calling for racial tolerance and asking for White Nationalists to stay away.
As often happens in such murders, the Asian gang split and ran - at least half the gang escaped to Pakistan.
The police arrested just two of the gang, Daanish Zahid and Zahid Mohammed, who stood trial in Glasgow in November 2004. In a very telling episode during the trial, the police cleared known White British racial Nationalists from the court public gallery where they were acting as observers.
Daanish Zahid was found guilty of racially motivated murder - the first such verdict in Scottish history, but this landmark in Scottish legal history was kept very low key, especially south of the border. The media could not have been less interested.
Zahid Mohammed was found guilty of abduction.
In July 2005, in Pakistan, 3 more suspects were arrested and deported to the UK to stand trial.
In October 2006 they stood trial and Imran Shahid, Zeesham Zhahid and Mohammed Faisal were found guilty of racially motivated murder.
Kriss Donald's family had to wait so long for justice and had to endure the grizzly details over two different trials.
Once again the media maintained a low key approach - in the interests of 'community relations'.
Strathclyde Police stressed that "At all times during the investigation they had the full support of the local community and community leaders." Especially the Asian MP who negotiated with the Pakistani Government.
Just in case there were any signs of a White backlash.
How very different this case would have been treated if Kriss Donald had been black or Asian.
After much public condemnation of the media reporting of the Kriss Donald case, the BBC actually admitted that it had only given 'reduced' coverage to the story and had 'got it wrong'.
One piece of honesty about the media treatment of the Kriss Donald murder came from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) - Peter Fahy, the ACPO spokesman on race related matters admitted,
"It was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men."
If nothing else, all British National Socialists and racial Nationalists should remember how the British media behaved towards the story of the kidnap, torture and murder of Kriss Donald.
All fair-minded British men and women should look at the brutal facts of the death of Kriss Donald and compare how his tragic death was regarded by the TV, radio and newspapers and compare it to the story of the killing of Stephen Lawrence in South London.
The media have never dropped the Stephen Lawrence story.
Who remembers Kriss Donald?
There is a small plaque as a memorial to Kriss Donald on a bench near the River Clyde.

British Movement remembers the racial murder of Kriss Donald.
A victim of a multi-racial society.

Never Forgive - Never Forget!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9th 2013 - White Pride Day

As a National Socialist organisation British Movement fully supports the idea of an international
White Pride Day - the British National Socialist Movement hails and salutes our Aryan brothers and sisters across the globe.
The White Race makes up just 9% of the world population - but we, the Aryan, Caucasian peoples
are the driving force behind humanity and human achievement.
May our Race and Cultures continue for many thousands of years.
14 WORDS! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Immigration - The British Political Mainstream Are Starting To Panic

The Mainstream Political Parties Are Starting to Panic.
British Movement has been campaigning against immigration since BM was founded in 1968.
Before that BM founder Colin Jordan had campaigned against immigration since the 1950's.
Over the years the mainstream parties in British political parties have refused to listen to the
White British people and have defended immigrants and immigrant communities in the UK and have courted the votes of the Third World colonisers.
Whenever immigration has surfaced as a possible election issue the Conservative party has tinkered with the immigration rules and talked tough, but has always let the British down. 
In the late 1970's Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher played the immigration card to undermine the election hopes of the National Front.
No matter what the majority of the white British population think or say about immigration, the main political parties, the British Establishment always claim to know best and ignore what they say are 'out-dated, racist attitudes' and have pushed the multi-cultural agenda for decades.
When the British National Party were gaining seats in local elections, the Conservatives talked tough again on immigration but did nothing, UKIP was pushed forward and began to talk tough on immigration to distract fringe voters away from the BNP.
The Labour Party under Premier Tony Blair and under Gordon Brown deliberately slackened immigration controls. A leaked Labour government internal memo from the Gordon Brown era actually boasted that under Labour immigration was letting the hordes of the Third World into the UK and wanted to "rub Middle England and the 'Right's' noses in multi-culturalism".
Now those same Labour Party politicians who served alongside Gordon Brown are claiming that the Labour Party will be 'tough' on immigration in future and 'made mistakes when in Government'.
Too Right They Did!
What arrogant rubbish - the Labour Party know that they depend on ethnic minority votes in the urban centres and Labour MP's routinely fight immigration cases to help established immigrant colonisers to bring in relatives from Asia, Africa or wherever else. 
The new Labour policy statements this week on immigration are just a panic move because Labour wants to take votes in Southern England where they will need to win over White voters.
The Labour Party as two-faced as ever.
The Liberal Democrats love multi-culturalism and are big fans of multi-racial communities.
The Conservatives will offer a lot, do very little but posture and talk tough. Only last week Prime Minister David Cameron was grovelling to Indian government ministers for investment and promised to slacken immigration rules for young, professional Indians, Indian businessmen etc etc !!!
UKIP are the false flag organisation of British politics - they are Conservatives who have fallen out with the Conservative Party but don't want to vote for anything that is Nationalist or racial Nationalist.
Why are the mainstream panicking ?
Because of the looming tidal wave in Eastern Europe when restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria are relaxed. They know that thousands of impoverished  Roma gypsies will flood into Britain and that will really create social and welfare problems. That on top of the continuing incoming illegal immigration from the Third World and the prospect of 'refugees' coming to Britain claiming asylum from the conflict in Syria.
Immigration problems terrify the mainstream parties because it makes the British people think about Race, racial differences and racial conflict. They do not want race in British politics because they know that RACE is the one topic that they cannot handle.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Multi-Cultural Madness - The Media Actually Think This is a 'Good Thing'

Multi- Cultural Madness
The Media Actually Think That This Story is Something to 'Celebrate'
Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough
This week it was officially recognised that of the 450 children at this school - NONE had English as a first language - Peterborough, is a town roughly in the centre of England, so what does this say about the state of our country?
This is how the 'Guardian' newspaper reported on the story of
Gladstone Primary school in Peterborough.
The 'Guardian' is aimed at a liberal, left-wing readership and
was actually pleased to report on the multi-racial and multi-cultural
make-up at this school which has no English children.
The only white children in the school are from Eastern Europe.
The story about the primary school in Peterborough reflects just how badly Britain has suffered and continues to suffer from a never-ending tide of immigration.
At Gladstone Primary school, 80% of the children arte Pakistani - their first language is Punjabi;
20 other languages are spoken by the children at this school (English is not one of them);
they speak Dari, Pashto, Gujarati, Arabic,  Kurdish, and some of the African children speak a form of French. The only European languages spoken are Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovakian and German.
How strange it must be for those East European children to be the only white faces in classrooms full of brown and black faces, yet they are in England!
This one little school in a district of Peterborough is a sad reflection of what the twisted policy of multi-culturalism and 'diversity' has done to Britain. The town of Peterborough stands in Cambridgeshire, on the edge of the ancient Fenlands, once home to England's Dark Age hero Hereward the Wake, who led Saxon resistance against the Norman invaders.
What future for the descendants of those Anglo-Saxons in Peterborough now?
What possible connection can those 80% of children speaking Punjabi have with the hero of Anglo-Saxon England?
This school is a microcosm of the destruction of England's heritage, customs and culture.
What future can there be, when a teacher at the school admitted to the 'Guardian' that,
Punjabi speaking Pakistani children at the school never spoke English;
"It was getting to a situation where our children didn't need to speak English
when they were going out. They'd go to the local shops, which were Asian, and
the doctors were Asian."
 This in the heart of England.
This is why multi-culturalism and a multi-racial society must be resisted.
We must never give up our campaign until immigration is halted and repatriation is a policy of government, this includes all the colonisers who arrived here from the 'Empire Windrush' in 1948 onwards.