Sunday, February 24, 2013

York Viking Festival - A Black Viking !

February 23rd 2013
A British Movement meeting took place in York in the afternoon, but before the meeting a group of BM activists went into the city centre to watch the Viking parade to Coppergate.
Their interest in the marching 'Vikings' and pride in this display of our Aryan heritage was turned to shock and dismay at the sight of a black man dressed as a Viking and marching along with the other living history re-enactors. This is multi-culturalism gone too far.
 At the BM meeting later in the afternoon, one of the speakers, the BM Northern Regional Development officer, told the audience about this distortion of British heritage. At first people laughed, but as the situation was explained, it was no longer funny, it was another sign of the erosion of our culture and a slur on our historic traditions.
A second speaker at the BM meeting pointed out that this was just another nail in the board;
he asked audience, "What will it be like in 20 or 25 years time? Will we then see more black or even Asian marchers dressed as Vikings? Will we see the likes of Ragnar Red-Shield, marching alongside those two great Norsemen Abdul Battle-Axe and Mohammed War-Winner?" 
Consider how recent children's TV series have deliberately cast non-white actors and actresses in such productions as 'Merlin' or 'Robin Hood'. Asian and mixed-race actors have played key characters including Maid Marian in the Robin Hood stories.
This is quite possibly a deliberate casting move to re-write British history and traditional stories in the minds of the audience. Not so much aimed at adults, but at young children, who will see these non-white faces in these historic dramas and will believe that there were black or Asian people living in Britain in Medieval England. Plus for the multi-culturalists this has the added bonus of demonstrating to black and Asian viewers that 'they belong' - they are included- even if this makes a complete mockery of British history and historic stories.
Truly a new take on what were called the 'Dark Ages'.
From a British National Socialist perspective we feel that our heritage has been insulted.



  1. We are seeing the deliberate promotion of the anti-culture, commonly described as multi-culturalism, the insane, un-natural philosophy of liberal equalitarianism.

    Nothing short of a revolution will suffice!

  2. Well said. I have also spoken about this on my Aryan Myth and Metahistory blog. The corresponding discussion on Amazon on the reviews of the Merlin DVDs became very heated and my particular review was removed by Amazon-ZOG censorship in action.
    You are perfectly correct in that they are trying to indoctrinate the young into accepting that multiracial societies are somehow `normal`. Heil Hitler!