Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Undocumented people' - Another Foreign Import We can do Without

'Undocumented People' - Another Foreign Import That Britain Can Do Without
'Undocumented people' is a liberal expression used by leftists in the USA to describe those people who are living and working illegally in the USA.
These illegal immigrants are in main 'Latinos' - people from Mexico and Latin America who have entered the United States and settled to live and work and raise families, even if they have no legal right to do so, and face deportation if they are identified.
Not surprisingly the American liberal - left has made these 'undocumented people' a cause to support and have been campaigning for 'civil and citizenship rights' for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. President Obama is being pressured to support legislation to grant US citizenship to the hordes of 'undocumented people' and their families.
They call themselves 'DREAMERS' allegedly because they want to share the 'American Dream' - never mind the fact that they are in the USA illegally and are breaking the laws of the Federal Government by living and working there.
Already hundreds of thousands of illegals are putting their children through the US education system, accessing schools and colleges although they have paid no taxes towards it.
Now the 'Dreamers' are defying the US authorities and are openly campaigning politically under the slogan - "Undocumented and unafraid".
Now they are trying to bring this idea to Britain - and this is being supported by Far-Left organisations in the UK. The extreme-left-wing organisation 'Hope Not Hate' has organised a speaking tour and media interviews for Carlos Saavedra, who was a Latino illegal (undocumented person) in the USA who acquired American citizenship. Saavedra has come to the UK to talk about his experiences and the 'Dreamers' idea with a view to developing a similar movement for illegal immigrants in Britain.
The organised political Left in Britain see this as another platform to promote multi-culturalism and to help integrate illegal immigrants into Britain. ( The Left don't call them illegal immigrants - in typical Marxist fashion they use Orwellian 'new-speak and describe illegals as 'irregular migrants'.)
Unbelievably Saavedra has been invited to speak to a fringe meeting at the House of Commons.
In an interview with a national newspaper a spokesman for Hope Not Hate spelled out their
thinking - Saavedra said, " As young activists we learned from other countries. We want to share what we have learned."
Which means using their campaign ideas in Britain to force acceptance of illegal immigrants.
The Hope Not Hate people are ignoring the fact that people are in the UK illegally and want to push the multi-racial agenda believing that the American liberal pro-immigrant idea
"It shows it may be possible to change the terms of immigration debate in the UK."

This is definitely something Britain can do without !

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