Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Curse of Multi-culturalism - The Replacement of Spoken English

The Curse of Multi-Culturalism
4.2 Million people in England and Wales Speak a Different Language Other Than English
Statistics from the 2011 Census Reveal How Multi-Cultural England is Eroding Our Traditions
Foreign languages replacing English in some 'multi-racial' communities.
The census results show how for some 'minority' communities the main spoken language is not English or Welsh. One in eight of the population of England and Wales was born abroad.
The media has made much of the fact that the second most common language in England and Wales is Polish. (At least the Poles are White Europeans and do not pose a racial threat to our national gene pool) - 546,000 Poles are now settled in the UK.
But far more serious are the non-Europeans - the next most spoken languages are Urdu, Gujerati, Bengali and Punjabi - totalling a million people.
Add to that 207,000 Chinese - speaking Mandarin, Cantonese or regional dialects.
159,000 Arabic speakers.  101,000 Tamil speakers, 99,000 Turkish speakers and 86,000 Somali speakers. The figures do not show those Central and West Africans who speak a form of French or those from sub-Saharan Africa who speak tribal or regional dialects.
Also not listed are speakers of Korean or Vietnamese, Afghan dialects, Kurdish or Persian.
The colonisation of our country is well illustrated by the example of Tower Hamlets where an estimated 18.00 % of the population speak Bengali as their first language.
In the city of Leicester, a staggering 11.5% of the population put Gujerati as their first spoken language.  In Slough 5.0% of the population use Urdu as their main language for communication and in the same town 6.2% use Punjabi - what does this bode for the future?
Not only is English being replaced by non-English or non-European languages, but the British tax-payer is funding both central government and local government organisations to spend millions of pounds every year to publish multi-lingual documents and official forms.
The message the multi-culturalists are sending out is that immigrants can settle in England and Wales, colonise our major towns and cities and not bother to learn our language.
Not only are our British customs, traditions, heritage and racial identity under threat from non- European and non-white immigration and colonisation, but the continued use of our language - be it English or Welsh - is being undermined and eroded.
This is why British Movement says 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation!'


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