Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Curse of Multi-Culturalism - White Flight

White Flight - The Reality of Multi-Culturalism
White British Population Move Out to Escape Multi-Racial Neighbourhoods
Every week the British Movement office receives piles of newspaper cuttings from across the UK, some from national newspapers, some from regional and local newspapers. All these cuttings carry stories about the horrors of multi-culturalism, immigration related articles, immigrant crime and the crimes committed by members of the 'ethnic minorities'.
From a recent batch two articles stand out;
The Daily Telegraph - Tuesday January 29th 2013
'I feel like a stranger where I live'
Written by journalist Jane Kelly it describes life in Acton in London and the reality of a White British person struggling to live as an ethnic minority individual in a district dominated by a non-white, non-British population. The article was illustrated by a central photograph of veiled Muslim women holding up a placard demanding 'Shari'ah for Britain'.
Kelly then goes on to list all the changes in Acton which have turned the area from an ordinary English suburb on the outskirts of Britain's capital city to a colony where the White British are a racial and cultural minority.
The facts quoted by Kelly are a frightening view of the future in Britain's major urban centres.
Of the 8.17 million population of London, over 1 million are Muslims, the majority are young families, growing families.
370,000 eastern Europeans have arrived in London since 2004.
According to the Office of National Statistics in the last 10 years more than
600,000 White British people have moved out of London.
This is White Flight.
Kelly also discusses the recent events in East London, in Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest where groups of young Asian men have been carrying out 'Muslim patrols', forbidding the drinking of alcohol, shouting and threatening young women for wearing short skirts and revealing clothes, telling White British young men that they are entering a 'Muslim Area' and must behave accordingly. 
This is the reality, traditional British working-class customs are not tolerated, British attitudes are replaced with the Sharia attitude that dominates society in Islamic republics.
The second article of note, a full page in the Daily Express - Monday January 21st 2013
'Migration and the ignorance of the chattering classes'
Columnist Leo McKinstry, attacked the attitudes of left-wing academics and liberal opinion shapers towards the impact of immigration and multi-culturalism on ordinary British people.
In an excellent opening statement McKinstry says.
"The barrage of official propaganda in support of mass immigration is relentless.
Brimming with self-righteous arrogance the preening metropolitan elite constantly
lecture us about the joys of diversity."
How very, very true !
McKinstry reveals that there are an estimated 600,000 illegal immigrants in the UK,
most or many working in the so-called 'black economy' often illegally employed,
not paying taxes, or employed in criminal activities. 
Don't forget these are stories in mainstream British newspapers which have played down the harsh truths of the multi-racial society and multi-culturalism. You can be sure that reality is far worse.

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