Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Arrest of racial Nationalist Simon Sheppard and the Dissemination of Propaganda

The Dissemination of National Socialist Propaganda
and the Problems We Face in Politically Correct Britain
Racial Nationalist Writer and Propagandist Simon Sheppard was arrested at the end of January for
writing a magazine article that was deemed to be 'racially offensive' and therefore breached the terms of his probation and early release from an earlier prison sentence.
Simon Sheppard was returned to prison for a non-violent breach of his bail and probation terms, purely on the complaint of a library workers who found a single sentence in his article 'offensive'.
Overseas readers of this blog, especially those in the USA who have constitutional rights of freedom of thought and political expression would be amazed to see just how limited British political activists on the racial Nationalist and National Socialist scene are in what they can express in print.
This includes what they express on-line, even if the server is based outside the UK.
The British laws governing discussions on matters of race and religion are now some of the most repressive in Western Europe, indeed in the Western World. While liberal and Left-wing commentators condemn the authorities in Iran, China and elsewhere for censoring political comment and debate, they enthusiastically support the suppression of what they term, 'racist' or 'Far-Right' literature. This week the British press made much of 'Sir Elton John' coming under pressure from the Chinese government for his support of a Chinese dissident writer and poet, but showed no interest in the political decisions taken to return a British dissident to jail for his 'thought crimes'.
It is a fact that publishing and distributing NS propaganda in the UK is beset with difficulties, there are legal pitfalls and traps on all sides. We know that everything that British Movement puts out into mass circulation is sampled and scrutinised by hostile agencies; both those of the State and those self-styled 'anti-racist' organisations who pour over every syllable desperately wanting to be offended in order to pass a complaint on to the police.
It is a fact that every branch of authority in the UK, be it the police, the Crown prosecution services, education, health and local government are trained and pushed into a 'politically correct' position wherever political activity of a Nationalist or 'racist' nature finds expression.
The authorities give the political Left and the ethnic minorities a great deal of freedom of action and expression, but woe betide any expression of opinion or propaganda by the hated 'Far-Right'.
British Movement stickers like these on a
metal post can be prosecuted by local council's
under legislation aimed at illegal or unauthorised
advertising. (Town & Country Planning Act)
'A sledge-hammer to crack a walnut' often used
in order to bankrupt Nationalist groups with heavy fines.

Many years ago our political enemies agreed a position they called 'No Platform for Fascists'.
This was originally pursued as a means of denying
NS and Nationalist organisations meeting halls and
outdoor rallies, but was extended to exclude invitations to unwanted political ideas in public debate and on TV and radio broadcasts.
Many on the political Left have sought to use this idea to deny all outlets of propaganda to those they deem
politically unacceptable.
A British Movement literature team at a Nationalist demonstration
in Heywood Lancashire in 2012.
BM activists such as these face police harassment and seizure of the literature
on the whims of a police officer, even though the publications are technically legal.

There is no such thing as freedom of speech and unrestricted political expression in Britain today

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