Sunday, February 3, 2013

British Movement - No More Refugees or Asylum-Seekers

The on-going crisis in Syria, the war in Mali is guaranteed to increase the numbers of refugees, asylum-seekers and illegal immigration into Western Europe and into Britain.
This cannot be allowed to happen.
Our Establishment politicians will soon start to play the 'humanitarian' card, egged on by the United Nations and liberal charities, as they have so often in the past. The down side for Britain and Europe will be the influx of non-Europeans (non-Aryan) refugees and their ilk who will seek to settle in our respective countries.
It does not help our nation's long term situation at all.  It creates greater strain on our social welfare systems, our health services, schools and adds to our existing housing problems.
It can almost certainly be the case that a new influx of refugees will all want to settle in London, which is already over-burdened with hundreds of thousands of non-white, non-European colonisers
The British Movement position here is quite clear;
British Movement is, and always has been, totally opposed to a multi-racial Britain.
British Movement does not accept the concept of a multi-cultural Britain.
Stop immigration - Start Repatriation - The British people were never consulted, never asked, never given the opportunity to vote on the question of mass, non-white immigration and settlement into Britain. Our country has been colonised and our politicians have forced the British people to accept the situation.
All three mainstream Establishment political parties have consistently ignored the real views and wishes of the British people on the subject of immigration and refuse to accept that there remains a strong majority of opinion that does not want this situation, will never accept a multi-racial society and demands that our views and opinions are recognised and respected.
Instead our politicians make laws and pass legislation to force us to accept a type of society that we do not want.
BRITISH MOVEMENT founder Colin Jordan
addressing an anti-immigration meeting in
Wolverhampton in October 1971.

COLIN JORDAN - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
October 1971.
Times may have changed but British Movement remains
steadfast in its opposition to a multi-racial Britain.


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