Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Establishment Member of Parliament to Face Jail

Another British Member of Parliament Caught Breaking the Law
Former Liberal-Democrat MP Chris Huhne has finally confessed to breaking the law, after ten years of denial Huhne has admitted to lying about a driving offence and has pleaded guilty to the charge of 'perverting the course of justice'.
So yet another Establishment figure is to face the prospect of a prison sentence, just months since the Labour MP for Rotherham was disgraced for false invoicing and fraudulent finances.
These are the figureheads of 'democratic' politics in modern Britain, these are our law makers and legislators, these are the people who condemn racial Nationalism and National Socialism.
Judge them by their deeds and actions not their words when in office.
British Movement believes that the current political Establishment in the United Kingdom,
 the 'Old Gang' political parties need to be swept aside and swept from power.
The electoral system they control and jealously defend is a rigged game.
The calibre of the MP's it elects is questionable - how many more of these people will be exposed as corrupt, fraudsters or liars ?
The British Government is anything but 'democratic', it is run by a powerful elite, tied in to
wealthy corporate interests, global power-brokers and international banks.
Unelected Senior Civil Servants wield tremendous power and control in Whitehall, no matter which particular majority party is in power. The Government protects its position, its power and control through the force of the Police and the Security Services.
Political alternatives are harassed, infiltrated and disrupted - the security services and Special Branch have often stated that this is their role. They regard dissent and political resistance as a threat to the so-called 'national interest', but what they really mean is a threat to the power at the top; the privileged, the super-rich, the career politicians.
Career politicians like Lib-Dem MP Chris Huhne, remember what he said when the allegations
about his dishonesty first surfaced, " There is no truth in these allegations and I welcome the police inquiry."
Then yesterday in court Chris Huhne said. " I have pleaded guilty today".
Seems his protectors and friends in high places abandoned him.
This is why the system of British politics needs to be replaced - the only solution is the creation of a New Order - a British National Socialist state.
Help to build our grass-roots NS movement - We will have our country back !


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