Sunday, February 24, 2013

York Viking Festival - A Black Viking !

February 23rd 2013
A British Movement meeting took place in York in the afternoon, but before the meeting a group of BM activists went into the city centre to watch the Viking parade to Coppergate.
Their interest in the marching 'Vikings' and pride in this display of our Aryan heritage was turned to shock and dismay at the sight of a black man dressed as a Viking and marching along with the other living history re-enactors. This is multi-culturalism gone too far.
 At the BM meeting later in the afternoon, one of the speakers, the BM Northern Regional Development officer, told the audience about this distortion of British heritage. At first people laughed, but as the situation was explained, it was no longer funny, it was another sign of the erosion of our culture and a slur on our historic traditions.
A second speaker at the BM meeting pointed out that this was just another nail in the board;
he asked audience, "What will it be like in 20 or 25 years time? Will we then see more black or even Asian marchers dressed as Vikings? Will we see the likes of Ragnar Red-Shield, marching alongside those two great Norsemen Abdul Battle-Axe and Mohammed War-Winner?" 
Consider how recent children's TV series have deliberately cast non-white actors and actresses in such productions as 'Merlin' or 'Robin Hood'. Asian and mixed-race actors have played key characters including Maid Marian in the Robin Hood stories.
This is quite possibly a deliberate casting move to re-write British history and traditional stories in the minds of the audience. Not so much aimed at adults, but at young children, who will see these non-white faces in these historic dramas and will believe that there were black or Asian people living in Britain in Medieval England. Plus for the multi-culturalists this has the added bonus of demonstrating to black and Asian viewers that 'they belong' - they are included- even if this makes a complete mockery of British history and historic stories.
Truly a new take on what were called the 'Dark Ages'.
From a British National Socialist perspective we feel that our heritage has been insulted.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Undocumented people' - Another Foreign Import We can do Without

'Undocumented People' - Another Foreign Import That Britain Can Do Without
'Undocumented people' is a liberal expression used by leftists in the USA to describe those people who are living and working illegally in the USA.
These illegal immigrants are in main 'Latinos' - people from Mexico and Latin America who have entered the United States and settled to live and work and raise families, even if they have no legal right to do so, and face deportation if they are identified.
Not surprisingly the American liberal - left has made these 'undocumented people' a cause to support and have been campaigning for 'civil and citizenship rights' for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. President Obama is being pressured to support legislation to grant US citizenship to the hordes of 'undocumented people' and their families.
They call themselves 'DREAMERS' allegedly because they want to share the 'American Dream' - never mind the fact that they are in the USA illegally and are breaking the laws of the Federal Government by living and working there.
Already hundreds of thousands of illegals are putting their children through the US education system, accessing schools and colleges although they have paid no taxes towards it.
Now the 'Dreamers' are defying the US authorities and are openly campaigning politically under the slogan - "Undocumented and unafraid".
Now they are trying to bring this idea to Britain - and this is being supported by Far-Left organisations in the UK. The extreme-left-wing organisation 'Hope Not Hate' has organised a speaking tour and media interviews for Carlos Saavedra, who was a Latino illegal (undocumented person) in the USA who acquired American citizenship. Saavedra has come to the UK to talk about his experiences and the 'Dreamers' idea with a view to developing a similar movement for illegal immigrants in Britain.
The organised political Left in Britain see this as another platform to promote multi-culturalism and to help integrate illegal immigrants into Britain. ( The Left don't call them illegal immigrants - in typical Marxist fashion they use Orwellian 'new-speak and describe illegals as 'irregular migrants'.)
Unbelievably Saavedra has been invited to speak to a fringe meeting at the House of Commons.
In an interview with a national newspaper a spokesman for Hope Not Hate spelled out their
thinking - Saavedra said, " As young activists we learned from other countries. We want to share what we have learned."
Which means using their campaign ideas in Britain to force acceptance of illegal immigrants.
The Hope Not Hate people are ignoring the fact that people are in the UK illegally and want to push the multi-racial agenda believing that the American liberal pro-immigrant idea
"It shows it may be possible to change the terms of immigration debate in the UK."

This is definitely something Britain can do without !

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Arrest of racial Nationalist Simon Sheppard and the Dissemination of Propaganda

The Dissemination of National Socialist Propaganda
and the Problems We Face in Politically Correct Britain
Racial Nationalist Writer and Propagandist Simon Sheppard was arrested at the end of January for
writing a magazine article that was deemed to be 'racially offensive' and therefore breached the terms of his probation and early release from an earlier prison sentence.
Simon Sheppard was returned to prison for a non-violent breach of his bail and probation terms, purely on the complaint of a library workers who found a single sentence in his article 'offensive'.
Overseas readers of this blog, especially those in the USA who have constitutional rights of freedom of thought and political expression would be amazed to see just how limited British political activists on the racial Nationalist and National Socialist scene are in what they can express in print.
This includes what they express on-line, even if the server is based outside the UK.
The British laws governing discussions on matters of race and religion are now some of the most repressive in Western Europe, indeed in the Western World. While liberal and Left-wing commentators condemn the authorities in Iran, China and elsewhere for censoring political comment and debate, they enthusiastically support the suppression of what they term, 'racist' or 'Far-Right' literature. This week the British press made much of 'Sir Elton John' coming under pressure from the Chinese government for his support of a Chinese dissident writer and poet, but showed no interest in the political decisions taken to return a British dissident to jail for his 'thought crimes'.
It is a fact that publishing and distributing NS propaganda in the UK is beset with difficulties, there are legal pitfalls and traps on all sides. We know that everything that British Movement puts out into mass circulation is sampled and scrutinised by hostile agencies; both those of the State and those self-styled 'anti-racist' organisations who pour over every syllable desperately wanting to be offended in order to pass a complaint on to the police.
It is a fact that every branch of authority in the UK, be it the police, the Crown prosecution services, education, health and local government are trained and pushed into a 'politically correct' position wherever political activity of a Nationalist or 'racist' nature finds expression.
The authorities give the political Left and the ethnic minorities a great deal of freedom of action and expression, but woe betide any expression of opinion or propaganda by the hated 'Far-Right'.
British Movement stickers like these on a
metal post can be prosecuted by local council's
under legislation aimed at illegal or unauthorised
advertising. (Town & Country Planning Act)
'A sledge-hammer to crack a walnut' often used
in order to bankrupt Nationalist groups with heavy fines.

Many years ago our political enemies agreed a position they called 'No Platform for Fascists'.
This was originally pursued as a means of denying
NS and Nationalist organisations meeting halls and
outdoor rallies, but was extended to exclude invitations to unwanted political ideas in public debate and on TV and radio broadcasts.
Many on the political Left have sought to use this idea to deny all outlets of propaganda to those they deem
politically unacceptable.
A British Movement literature team at a Nationalist demonstration
in Heywood Lancashire in 2012.
BM activists such as these face police harassment and seizure of the literature
on the whims of a police officer, even though the publications are technically legal.

There is no such thing as freedom of speech and unrestricted political expression in Britain today

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Curse of Multi-Culturalism - White Flight

White Flight - The Reality of Multi-Culturalism
White British Population Move Out to Escape Multi-Racial Neighbourhoods
Every week the British Movement office receives piles of newspaper cuttings from across the UK, some from national newspapers, some from regional and local newspapers. All these cuttings carry stories about the horrors of multi-culturalism, immigration related articles, immigrant crime and the crimes committed by members of the 'ethnic minorities'.
From a recent batch two articles stand out;
The Daily Telegraph - Tuesday January 29th 2013
'I feel like a stranger where I live'
Written by journalist Jane Kelly it describes life in Acton in London and the reality of a White British person struggling to live as an ethnic minority individual in a district dominated by a non-white, non-British population. The article was illustrated by a central photograph of veiled Muslim women holding up a placard demanding 'Shari'ah for Britain'.
Kelly then goes on to list all the changes in Acton which have turned the area from an ordinary English suburb on the outskirts of Britain's capital city to a colony where the White British are a racial and cultural minority.
The facts quoted by Kelly are a frightening view of the future in Britain's major urban centres.
Of the 8.17 million population of London, over 1 million are Muslims, the majority are young families, growing families.
370,000 eastern Europeans have arrived in London since 2004.
According to the Office of National Statistics in the last 10 years more than
600,000 White British people have moved out of London.
This is White Flight.
Kelly also discusses the recent events in East London, in Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest where groups of young Asian men have been carrying out 'Muslim patrols', forbidding the drinking of alcohol, shouting and threatening young women for wearing short skirts and revealing clothes, telling White British young men that they are entering a 'Muslim Area' and must behave accordingly. 
This is the reality, traditional British working-class customs are not tolerated, British attitudes are replaced with the Sharia attitude that dominates society in Islamic republics.
The second article of note, a full page in the Daily Express - Monday January 21st 2013
'Migration and the ignorance of the chattering classes'
Columnist Leo McKinstry, attacked the attitudes of left-wing academics and liberal opinion shapers towards the impact of immigration and multi-culturalism on ordinary British people.
In an excellent opening statement McKinstry says.
"The barrage of official propaganda in support of mass immigration is relentless.
Brimming with self-righteous arrogance the preening metropolitan elite constantly
lecture us about the joys of diversity."
How very, very true !
McKinstry reveals that there are an estimated 600,000 illegal immigrants in the UK,
most or many working in the so-called 'black economy' often illegally employed,
not paying taxes, or employed in criminal activities. 
Don't forget these are stories in mainstream British newspapers which have played down the harsh truths of the multi-racial society and multi-culturalism. You can be sure that reality is far worse.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Establishment Member of Parliament to Face Jail

Another British Member of Parliament Caught Breaking the Law
Former Liberal-Democrat MP Chris Huhne has finally confessed to breaking the law, after ten years of denial Huhne has admitted to lying about a driving offence and has pleaded guilty to the charge of 'perverting the course of justice'.
So yet another Establishment figure is to face the prospect of a prison sentence, just months since the Labour MP for Rotherham was disgraced for false invoicing and fraudulent finances.
These are the figureheads of 'democratic' politics in modern Britain, these are our law makers and legislators, these are the people who condemn racial Nationalism and National Socialism.
Judge them by their deeds and actions not their words when in office.
British Movement believes that the current political Establishment in the United Kingdom,
 the 'Old Gang' political parties need to be swept aside and swept from power.
The electoral system they control and jealously defend is a rigged game.
The calibre of the MP's it elects is questionable - how many more of these people will be exposed as corrupt, fraudsters or liars ?
The British Government is anything but 'democratic', it is run by a powerful elite, tied in to
wealthy corporate interests, global power-brokers and international banks.
Unelected Senior Civil Servants wield tremendous power and control in Whitehall, no matter which particular majority party is in power. The Government protects its position, its power and control through the force of the Police and the Security Services.
Political alternatives are harassed, infiltrated and disrupted - the security services and Special Branch have often stated that this is their role. They regard dissent and political resistance as a threat to the so-called 'national interest', but what they really mean is a threat to the power at the top; the privileged, the super-rich, the career politicians.
Career politicians like Lib-Dem MP Chris Huhne, remember what he said when the allegations
about his dishonesty first surfaced, " There is no truth in these allegations and I welcome the police inquiry."
Then yesterday in court Chris Huhne said. " I have pleaded guilty today".
Seems his protectors and friends in high places abandoned him.
This is why the system of British politics needs to be replaced - the only solution is the creation of a New Order - a British National Socialist state.
Help to build our grass-roots NS movement - We will have our country back !


Sunday, February 3, 2013

British Movement - No More Refugees or Asylum-Seekers

The on-going crisis in Syria, the war in Mali is guaranteed to increase the numbers of refugees, asylum-seekers and illegal immigration into Western Europe and into Britain.
This cannot be allowed to happen.
Our Establishment politicians will soon start to play the 'humanitarian' card, egged on by the United Nations and liberal charities, as they have so often in the past. The down side for Britain and Europe will be the influx of non-Europeans (non-Aryan) refugees and their ilk who will seek to settle in our respective countries.
It does not help our nation's long term situation at all.  It creates greater strain on our social welfare systems, our health services, schools and adds to our existing housing problems.
It can almost certainly be the case that a new influx of refugees will all want to settle in London, which is already over-burdened with hundreds of thousands of non-white, non-European colonisers
The British Movement position here is quite clear;
British Movement is, and always has been, totally opposed to a multi-racial Britain.
British Movement does not accept the concept of a multi-cultural Britain.
Stop immigration - Start Repatriation - The British people were never consulted, never asked, never given the opportunity to vote on the question of mass, non-white immigration and settlement into Britain. Our country has been colonised and our politicians have forced the British people to accept the situation.
All three mainstream Establishment political parties have consistently ignored the real views and wishes of the British people on the subject of immigration and refuse to accept that there remains a strong majority of opinion that does not want this situation, will never accept a multi-racial society and demands that our views and opinions are recognised and respected.
Instead our politicians make laws and pass legislation to force us to accept a type of society that we do not want.
BRITISH MOVEMENT founder Colin Jordan
addressing an anti-immigration meeting in
Wolverhampton in October 1971.

COLIN JORDAN - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
October 1971.
Times may have changed but British Movement remains
steadfast in its opposition to a multi-racial Britain.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Curse of Multi-culturalism - The Replacement of Spoken English

The Curse of Multi-Culturalism
4.2 Million people in England and Wales Speak a Different Language Other Than English
Statistics from the 2011 Census Reveal How Multi-Cultural England is Eroding Our Traditions
Foreign languages replacing English in some 'multi-racial' communities.
The census results show how for some 'minority' communities the main spoken language is not English or Welsh. One in eight of the population of England and Wales was born abroad.
The media has made much of the fact that the second most common language in England and Wales is Polish. (At least the Poles are White Europeans and do not pose a racial threat to our national gene pool) - 546,000 Poles are now settled in the UK.
But far more serious are the non-Europeans - the next most spoken languages are Urdu, Gujerati, Bengali and Punjabi - totalling a million people.
Add to that 207,000 Chinese - speaking Mandarin, Cantonese or regional dialects.
159,000 Arabic speakers.  101,000 Tamil speakers, 99,000 Turkish speakers and 86,000 Somali speakers. The figures do not show those Central and West Africans who speak a form of French or those from sub-Saharan Africa who speak tribal or regional dialects.
Also not listed are speakers of Korean or Vietnamese, Afghan dialects, Kurdish or Persian.
The colonisation of our country is well illustrated by the example of Tower Hamlets where an estimated 18.00 % of the population speak Bengali as their first language.
In the city of Leicester, a staggering 11.5% of the population put Gujerati as their first spoken language.  In Slough 5.0% of the population use Urdu as their main language for communication and in the same town 6.2% use Punjabi - what does this bode for the future?
Not only is English being replaced by non-English or non-European languages, but the British tax-payer is funding both central government and local government organisations to spend millions of pounds every year to publish multi-lingual documents and official forms.
The message the multi-culturalists are sending out is that immigrants can settle in England and Wales, colonise our major towns and cities and not bother to learn our language.
Not only are our British customs, traditions, heritage and racial identity under threat from non- European and non-white immigration and colonisation, but the continued use of our language - be it English or Welsh - is being undermined and eroded.
This is why British Movement says 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation!'