Thursday, January 24, 2013

Political Correctness - Big Brother Tactics on Our Language

Political Correctness - the BBC Censors re-runs of 'Fawlty Towers'
because of 'outlawed words'
In today's edition of the 'Guardian' - the broadsheet newspaper beloved of Britain's political Left and soft-liberal centre, there is an article in the G2 supplement that lifts the lid on the powers of the 'Politically Correct'.
This particular act of control centres on re-runs of the 1970's classic comedy series ;Fawlty Towers' which starred comedian John Cleese as a manic hotel owner in Torquay.
The episode that the BBC seek to re-cut is a 1975 episode called 'The Germans' - famous for the Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) line - "Don't mention the war !"
However, it is not the jokes about the war or Germans that the BBC object to.
The BBC want to cut a scene in the same episode where the Basil Fawlty character is in conversation with one of the hotel's residents, the character Major Gowen, a crusty old retired army officer. Major Gowen is telling Cleese about visiting a Test cricket match in the company of a young woman who insisted on "referring to the Indians as Niggers!"
The Major was outraged at this and corrected her by saying. "No, no. no! - the West Indies are the Niggers. These are the wogs!"
The BBC says that it wants to cut this scene because of the use of what it calls 'outlawed words'.
'Outlawed words' - a concept straight out of George Orwell's '1984' - forbidden words.
The Marxist tactic of purging everyday English language of words that the politically correct find unacceptable is both censorship and political control of how ordinary people express themselves. The excuse used by the liberals and the Left is that they seek to discourage the use of words that might cause offence to racial and sexual minority groups.
But they have also pressured changes to other words and descriptions to suit their agenda;
they discourage the use of the term 'immigrants' to describe settled non-white communities,
these are now 'ethnic minorities.' 
People born as the result of inter-racial breeding must not be described as 'half-caste', no they are people of 'mixed-race' or better still in the PC lexicon - 'persons of mixed-heritage;.
Second generation non-whites become British-Asians or 'persons of South-Asian heritage';
second generation Asians are 'persons of Pakistani heritage' or 'Indian heritage', those from the West Indies are now 'African-Caribbean'.
The politically correct have spent the past few decades enforcing their PC agenda and have succeeded in influencing the training of teachers, social workers, local government workers,
nurses and health care staff, the police and prison services. Special courses on ethnic minority awareness, diversity, community cohesion etc. etc. etc.
The PC have now outlawed everyday words and words referred to as the 'vernacular' - it is now possible as a white working class British person to be arrested for describing an Asian as a 'Paki' or a wog, The PC brigade wring their hands because they have been unable to make the word 'nigger' illegal because black rap artists and black people refer to each other as 'Nigga' in street slang - but God help any white person using the word in public!
Outlawing words is just one weapon in the imposition of the Marxist world order - the dictatorship of minorities over the majority. 

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