Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little More Than a Week After the Oxford Sex Grooming Trial Begins - It Is Back To Bradford !

It is Less Than Two Weeks Into the Oxford Sex Grooming Trial
and the West Yorkshire Police Announce More Than 30 Arrests Across
the Bradford Area in the Last Two Months !
Yet still the authorities deny that there is a racial element to these cases;
In the on-going Oxford trial all the defendants are Asian (so-called British Asians)
or as the Politically Correct prefer to describe them men of 'Pakistani-heritage.'
The unfortunate victims are all under-age white British girls - but still these are not regarded
as racially motivated crimes by the police, social services, child-protection agencies and political leaders.  That would of course open the door to accusations of 'racism'.
Now in the latest Bradford arrests - only made public because a Conservative MP asked awkward
questions, otherwise it would not have become public knowledge - all the indications are that as in previous under-age, sex grooming cases of this type - the sex-criminals are once again Asian men and the victims are under-age white British school girls.
Not racially motivated ?
Why are these cases not racially motivated? The perverts who were convicted in the Rochdale/Heywood case; the Derby case; the Sheffield case; the Leicester case; and in the current Oxford case are all from one specific ethnic and religious community.
Their victims are from the host community - the perpetrators do not select victims for grooming, raping, trafficking from their own ethnic/religious groups, they avoid that - so is that not the criminals being racially selective about their victims?
The authorities say not.
British Movement thinks differently - BM thinks that these particular cases are racially selective crimes against OUR white British community.
But in the interests of 'diversity' and 'community cohesion' - political interests and community sensitivity over-rides the truth and the pursuit of justice.

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