Saturday, January 12, 2013

British Movement - British National Socialist Movement

This blog is intended as a supplement to existing BM/BNSM blog-sites (listed below) it is also a support for the BM Web-site ( which is currently down for re-construction and repair after repeated cyber- attacks by those who would deny BM an outlet on-line.
It is time that those forces who oppose BM here in Britain realised that there are still many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of White British citizens who do not accept the imposition of
multi-culturalism on our country.  As British National Socialists we are ideologically opposed to this forced change being made to the population make-up of our nation.
This is not about hatred for other races and cultures, but a demand that our own racial group be recognised and respected and our culture and traditions are respected and protected.
The White British must not become extinct in our own country, our historic, ancestral homeland.
Already, in the closing months of 2012 the latest official population statistics show that the population of Greater London is no longer indigenous British - the White British are now effectively a racial minority in the capital city of their nation.
This situation is wrong and must be reversed.
The leftist/liberal drive to make Britain multi-racial and multi-cultural is driven by the ideological
agenda of the few and has imposed an unwanted population change on the majority population of  what might be called the 'native British'.
The time has come to reject the tyranny of the liberal/leftist minority,

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  1. We all löst our country 2o years ago!! hail victory!!hail the new dawn!!!old Ian Stewart!!!.east London Chingford attack,micky dunne,jc,Marco.matt.Lara..Vinnie..rocha..nuttypaul amaile.