Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Britain Awake ! - Is Britain Going to Be Drawn Into A North African War

Is Britain Going to be Drawn into a War in North Africa?
All the warning signs are appearing after the crisis in Algeria at the Amenas gas plant.
Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a 'warning' that the "terrorist threat" from the Islamic militants in Algeria and surrounding Saharan Africa is similar to that in Afghanistan ten years ago when British troops were first sent out to Helmand.
There are dangerous signals coming out of Downing Street - first it was military transport assistance to French forces being deployed against jihadist rebels in Mali. Now after the jihadist raid on the Algerian gas installation Cameron is making comparisons to Afghanistan after 9/11.
This is the same path that dragged British troops into the first Gulf War, then into Iraq again, then into Afghanistan a decade ago. Those military involvements stirred up Islamic militants into terrorist attacks in London - if David Cameron drags Britain into a 'War on Terror' against the jihadists in Algeria - it will bring further British military casualties in another foreign war that Britain cannot win and create even greater hostility from the Islamic world.
These are dangerous waters that the British Prime Minister is stepping into. 

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