Sunday, January 27, 2013

All the More Need to Build A National Socialist Media

Today is January  27th - which under our current 'democratic' system has been classed as 'Holocaust Memorial Day'. It is a day when all the British news media (and probably the news media across the Western World) will run news-clips, interviews and so-called 'human interest' stories about events in Europe over 70 years ago. It is an opportunity once again to denigrate the National Socialists of the time, to castigate the Third Reich and its leadership, to vilify the German people of that period (plus all those who allied themselves to the National Socialist cause - these days the supporting cast of villains includes Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Hungarians, White Russians, assorted Serbs, Croats, Poles, Slovenes and Slovaks, the list goes on and on).

There is a very real need to develop and build an alternative National Socialist news media -  in all formats, the printed word, web-sites, blog spots, on-line forums, DVD's, CD's, film and sound.
The Holocaust is used as a weapon to silence discussion and analysis of history and geo-politics. It is the means by which repressive laws are used to imprison and prosecute 'doubters' in France, Germany, Austria and elsewhere. Brave outspoken individuals like Sylvia Stolz (check her speeches out on You Tube).
In Britain, it is getting increasingly harder to give full public expression to National Socialism and it is a fine line that has to be taken when preparing British Movement literature to avoid expressing opinions or criticisms of 'minority groups' which might be deemed by hostile agencies to have caused 'offence' or 'incited racial or religious hatred'. Britain is now beset by aggressive and punitive laws;
the assorted Race Relations acts, the Public Order Acts and subsequent laws on incitement. There is no right to freedom of speech in UK law.
As bad as this is, it comes no where as severe as Germany and Austria, where expressing National Socialist ideas is a crime. On January 10th Austrian NS activist Gottfried Kussel was sentenced to 9 years in prison for promoting National Socialism on a web-site, the server was based in the USA so German and Austrian authorities sought the active collaboration of the American Government in this case. Nine years for a non-violent expression of political beliefs !
Gottfried Kussel was jailed for 9 years - his two 'accomplices were jailed for 7 years and 4 years respectively - for Thought-Crimes!

This is why in Britain and across Europe we must build an alternative National Socialist news media, to challenge the dictatorship of our collective 'democratic' governments and their corrupt politics.

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