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End of the Year - News and Views from British Movement

End of the Year (2013)
News and Views From British Movement
Contact details:
The Sunwheel (BM) Office. P O Box 6, Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire WF16 0XF. England.
Winter Solstice in Northern England
British Movement Celebrates the Winter Solstice
Once Again the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire region of BM marked the weekend of the
Winter Solstice with an outdoor gathering on the evening of December 21st 2013.
A burning Sunwheel greeted the night sky and hardy souls braved the wind, rain and cold to gather around a bonfire and salute this traditional Aryan ceremony - the fire festival of the mid-Winter.

Not So Funny To Some - Dieudonne
Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala is a French comedian, of mixed race origins (French/West African) who is noted for his politically-incorrect pronouncements and broadcasts.
Deliberately controversial Dieudonne has spoken out in defence of Palestinian rights and has been anti-Israel and anti-Zionist to a point where he has been branded as an 'anti-Semite' and was heavily fined recently (E28,000) for singing a song that allegedly "mocked the Holocaust".
Dieudonne has also included in his on-stage performance a type of arm gesture which has been described as a "Nazi salute in reverse" - whatever that might mean.
Not surprisingly Dieudonne has attracted a lot of criticism from all the usual suspects and the French authorities. The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, has stated that he is seeking a legal ban on Dieudonne's one-man stage shows on the grounds that the shows are a threat to public order !
The Interior Minister justifies this oppressive move by saying,
"Freedom of expression is sacred, but racism and anti-Semitism are crimes." 
Despite all the outrage, Dieudonne is very popular and his shows are often sold out performances,
nevertheless the French authorities continue to seek his prosecution on the grounds of so-called 'hate-speech' and his alleged 'incitement of racial hatred.'
He particularly created problems for himself when he described 'Holocaust' commemorations as
"memorial pornography" - expressing such alternative opinions in France is illegal.
All this from a man who is himself a member of a racial minority.

Another Step Towards the British National Socialist Resurgence

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Late December Reports from British Movement

Late December Reports from British Movement
News & Views
Contact details:
Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. England. WF16 0XF
E-mail:  sunwheelteam@gmail.com
 BMWD Children's Christmas Party - Northern Region
 Leeds December 14th 2013
 British Movement on the Streets
Ossett - West Yorkshire - December 2013

A British Movement team distributing leaflets and copies of The Emblem
in the centre of Ossett - Saturday December 14th 2013

News Update From Greece
From Our Golden Dawn Comrade in Athens
 " On the 1st November 2013 our two comrades George Fountoulis and Manos Kapellunis were murdered by state-sponsored Red terrorists. So they became true martyrs of the Cause and the White Race. They are IMMORTALS to us.
On the 30th of November about 50,000 Greek Nationalists demonstrated their opposition to the despicable opposition to Golden Dawn.......Golden Dawn will never die!
Hellas Shall Triumph !  Hail Victory!"
From our Golden Dawn contact in Athens.

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December and Yuletide Reports from British Movement

December and Yuletide Reports
British Movement 
British Movement Contact details;
Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England, UK.

British National Socialism in the spirit of Folk and Family
Traditional Christmas parties for children organised by the
British Movement Women's Division (BMWD)

More Stirrings of Left-Wing Hysteria
This article appeared in the 'Guardian' newspaper last week.
It proves that the Left-wingers and the liberals are terrified of any signs of a resurrection or renaissance of  National Socialism or racial Nationalism anywhere in Europe.
The full article was condemning the resurrection of Hungarian Nationalism embodied in the unveiling of statues to the late Admiral Horthy - the Hungarian leader in the late 1930's and early 1940's.
FOR 2014
Coming to a street near you soon.

The latest British Movement leaflet aimed at fighting the imposition of a multi-cultural society on Britain and the impending tidal wave of economic migrants (Roma) poised to flood into Britain from Bulgaria and Romania.

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British Movement - News and Views - Mid-December

 Contact details: Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. UK.
e-mail - sunwheelteam@gmail.com
An Act of Defiance In the Face of the Mandela Circus
Message received at BM Sunwheel Office - Wednesday December 11th 2013;
" ANC flags in 'Nelson Mandela Gardens (Leeds) removed today.
Our City!    Our gardens!
Not the racist, bigot Mandela's gardens.
Leeds BM recognises what the gardens were for 30 years before - (before we protested in 1986 to the changes) - the gardens were in honour of the brave dead of two world wars - then changed to the
ANC terrorists gardens."
The Woolwich Murder Trial
 This trial of the brutal jihadists who butchered unarmed soldier Lee Rigby has shown the lack of reality in the beliefs of the two killers. How is it possible that these men can plead 'Not Guilty' ?
They admit to killing Fusilier Rigby, they were shown on film killing him, yet they deny murder
How can this be possible?
A Pleasing Image From The Ukraine
Statue of Lenin finally toppled - good riddance to a Communist icon
Demonstrators in Kiev smash down the Soviet era statue of Lenin.
Nice to see the statue of the old Communist idol finally falling.

The Crack-down on the Real Madrid 'Ultras'
 The Spanish football authorities are looking to eradicate the racial Nationalist and pro-NS activities of the Real Madrid Ultras. Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez has announced plans to restructure the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to remove the seating areas usually occupied by the Real Ultras. Known Ultra 'faces' will be banned from the stadium and what have been referred to as "better behaved supporters" will be allocated to the sections of the stadium usually occupied by the Ultras.
In November 2013, members of a British Movement delegation to Spain were introduced to individual representatives of the Ultras who support Real Madrid.
The BM visitors were also shown examples of how liberal and leftist politicians in Spain are working to erase all symbols and place names associated with the Franco years and the victories of the Francoists and the Falangists. Spanish Left-wing politicians want to remove General Franco's tomb from the Valley of the Fallen and in typical Marxist fashion re-write Spanish history.

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British Movement News and Views - early December

British News and Views
Early December 2013
BRITISH MOVEMENT - Contact details;
Sunwheel Office, PO Box 6, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.
e-mail;  sunwheelteam@gmail.com

 NELSON MANDELA - What 'They' Are Not Saying
 The gut-wrenching and tear-jerking Liberal and Leftist outpourings over the death of former ANC and South African Communist party activist Nelson Mandela ignores the bitter truth of the reality of life today in the Republic of South Africa.
The media fawn over Mandela but ignore the reality of modern South Africa where over 60,000 White farmers have been murdered by armed black gangs since black majority rule began.
The media in the UK ignores the crime and poverty in South Africa, because they can no longer blame a ruling white elite. The ANC government is notoriously corrupt.
So much for the 'achievements' of Nelson Mandela 'freeing' South Africa.
How the story of Mandela has been sanitised by the media - they ignore his involvement in the armed struggle against the legal South African government in the 1950's and 1960's.
Nelson Mandela was one of the founders of the pan-African guerrilla and terrorist organisations that became the armed wing of the African National Congress - the so-called 'Spear of the Nation'.
The ANC has much blood on its hands from the so-called "Time of Struggle" - the blood of murdered White South Africans and black Africans. Have the Liberals forgotten the ANC sponsored bombing campaigns of the 1960's and 1970's?
And who was one of the ANC figureheads behind all that, even when he was imprisoned?
Why Nelson Mandela - no doubt the international liberal elite will dream up some new levels of elevating Mandela to hero status - probably they will recommend him for sainthood.
All previous connections to terrorist organisations, guerrilla warfare and armed struggle quietly erased from history.
Another Bizarre Story From Germany
Apparently the German Interior Ministry is equipping police units with a 'smartphone app' that can identify songs that have 'unacceptable far-Right' lyrics.
According to nit-picking anti-racist sources the German Federal authorities have indexed 1,090 songs that have a "Far-Right or racist message". The new police 'app' software called "Nazi Shazam" is intended for use by police monitoring radio stations, live music events, clubs and concerts to identify
politically forbidden lyrics
Simone Rafael who runs the website "Network Against Nazis" alleged that the songs on the index are considered to be 'harmful to minors' .
(Can you believe that! What kind of mind-set do these leftist people have?)

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British Movement News & Views - End of November

British Movement
News & Views
Contact details:
The Sunwheel Office - P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. UK.
 British Movement Delegation to Spain
A delegation of British Movement activists, including a representative from the Sunwheel Office team has recently returned from a visit to Spain. The short visit to Madrid included meeting representatives from a number of different Spanish National Socialist, racial Nationalist and veteran Falangist organisations.
One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Valley of the Fallen to pay due respects at the tomb of Primo de Valera and that of General Franco.

*** Pictures to follow******
 The Trial Finally Begins
The news media finally began to report on the trial of Fusilier Lee Rigby's killers after ignoring the opening stages of the trial which began last week.
Incredibly the two jihadist killers are pleading 'Not Guilty'.
It will be interesting to see how much detail is actually allowed out to the public from this trial.

  Lunatic Left - A New Twist to the Lambeth Slavery Case
 Meanwhile the British newspapers and TV have been excited by the story about 3 women allegedly held in slavery in a district of London by a man and wife pair of fanatical Maoists.
One interesting aspect of this bizarre case is the insight it offers into the crazy world of extreme-Left wing politics in Britain in the 1970's and the hold it continues to exert on its hard core adherents right up to the present day. 
Originally the accused Asian couple were members of the  - Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist), but apparently this outfit was not revolutionary enough and in 1974 they split away to establish their own Maoist Marxist - Leninist organisation, built on the principles of Communist China's dictator of the period, Chairman Mao.
Only the extreme Left could dream up an organisation called,
" The Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-Tung Thought"
that title is straight out of the Monty Python book of political thought!
You seriously have to question the mentality of people who dedicate their lives to this kind of rabid revolutionary internationalism.

This sample of Maoist 'literature' was reproduced in the 'Guardian' newspaper on November 30th.
Dated from the spring of 1976, it clearly demonstrates the kind of twisted mental somersaults that the
extremist Marxists go through to develop the 'correct political perspective'.
No wonder this particular off-shoot dwindled down to a handful of fanatics living in a kind of Maoist commune.
It is a fact that the 'intellectual elite' of the revolutionary extreme-Left do not trust the British Working-class to create the revolution that they believe will lead to the creation of a Workers' State.
Very conveniently the Marxists argue that the 'workers' will have to be led by revolutionary socialists drawn from the educated and academic upper and middle-class elite.
The 'Champagne Socialists'.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

British Movement - News & Views - mid-November

 British Movement News & Views

British Movement On the Streets

British Movement activists on a propaganda drive in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.
The Police sign is nothing to do with us!

Remember Fusilier Lee Rigby
Yesterday - November 19th 2013 - the murder trial began of the two Jihadists accused of butchering unarmed, off-duty soldier Fusilier Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich.
Who would know?  The British national media has maintained a deafening silence about the trial.
The Roma Situation
 The leftists and liberals in the British media have been getting excited and in a panic after the
recent criticisms of Roma settlers in the city of Sheffield.
When system politicians, especially leftists like Labour ex-minister David Blunkett, and the Liberal-Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg are speaking out negatively about the East European Roma migrants in Britain, then you know the situation is not only bad, but destined to get much worse. Clegg and Blunkett have access to information that the British public do not have, and the media are geared up to 'protect' multi-culturalism by screening out negative reports about the Roma.
     It is not just the Czech Roma and Slovak Roma settled in one area of Sheffield, there are already large numbers of Roma from Eastern Europe and other countries of the EU settled in Slough, Ilford, Rotherham, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and some of the south-coast towns and ports like Dover and Hastings. That is without lifting the lid on the Roma settled in various parts of London, not counting the illegal Roma squatter camp that was cleared a out of the Marble Arch and Park Lane area in the summer.
There are already plenty of Roma setting up home in dozens of other British towns, and we have yet to experience the tidal wave of Roma migrants who have declared their intentions to come to Britain from Bulgaria and Romania in January 2014 when the restrictions are lifted.
In the European Union countries like France and Italy have been busy deporting Roma migrants back to their countries of origin, and Germany has issued warnings to Britain about the problems that German authorities are already experiencing from assorted eastern Roma settling there.
Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Romania regard their resident Roma populations as a problem, but are quietly delighted that a solution is in the offing as large numbers of Roma look towards moving to Britain.
Is this one of the benefits of  membership of the European Union we in Britain are constantly reminded of by our mainstream politicians?

Former Labour government minister Jack Straw has added his voice to the increasing political concerns about immigration. He has even gone so far as to admit that the previous Labour Government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (in which Straw was a Minister) got it wrong in regard to their policy on immigration.
What a hypocrite !
Jack Straw has been a defender of multi-culturalism and multi-racial society for decades.
He is a Labour MP for Blackburn and has always depended on the Asian vote.

Another Shining Example of the Labour Party
The Reverend Paul Flowers - Methodist Minister - former Labour city councillor in Bradford,
former Chairman of the Co-Op Bank; advisor to the Labour Party, frequent visitor to 10 Downing Street during the last Labour Government, Labour Party activist.
Now known to have resigned as a Labour city councillor when it was discovered that he was using an official council computer to watch 'adult' (Gay) pornography; was caught out trying to purchase cocaine and crystal meth (both illegal Class A drugs), now known to have bought the services of male prostitutes and 'Rent Boys'.

British Movement Stands in Solidarity with Golden Dawn


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British Movement News and Views - November

British Movement News & Views

In Remembrance
British Movement - Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Region
Hull Meeting - November 9th 2013
Saturday afternoon, November 9th, the BM Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire held its annual Remembrance meeting - a significant date for remembering National Socialist fallen, and a date close to November 11th when Britain honour's its war dead.
The meeting began with a short film documenting all Britain's fallen from 1900 to the present day.
The BM National Secretary gave a speech focussing on Britain's losses in war, the betrayal of the British White working-class who have made the greatest sacrifices for their country in war; and then spoke of remembering the fallen of the National Socialist cause across the decades, also remembering those killed in later years and finishing with a call to honour the recent fallen comrades of the Golden Dawn, shot down in Athens.
 The meeting concluded with 2 minutes silence as the 'Last Post' was sounded.
Elsewhere British Movement members and supporters joined Remembrance ceremonies and cenotaph vigils across the country.
Pushing Back the Power of the Banks and International Finance
Hungary Shows the Way
The Hungarian Government has defiantly challenged the power of the international banks, is restructuring the Hungarian economy to avoid international loans and is cutting domestic fuel bills.
Of course this does not sit well with the bureaucrats of the European Union, who want Hungary to be in debt to the banks so that Hungary can be bullied into toe-ing the globalist line.
As one South -African White racial Nationalist publication has commented,
"Not since the 1930's in Germany has a major European country dared
to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international
banking cartels."
 Hungary courageously paid off its loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in August 2013, well before the March 2014 deadline set by the IMF. The staggering 2.2 billion Euro debt was not only repaid, but further international loans were refused.
The Hungarian central bank is now operated by the Hungarian state and does not take funding from the World Bank, the European Central Bank or the IMF.
These are the first important steps towards a pro-Nationalist economy in Hungary, which explains why the EU and the assorted globalist and internationalist Marxist organisations are so hostile to Hungary. Accusations of 'racism', 'anti-semitism', hostility to foreigners etc etc are now routinely levelled at what is in truth a 'soft-nationalist' government in Budapest. Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban is not a racial Nationalist or a National Socialist, but his efforts are for the Hungarian people - it can be done.
Europe Wide - Protests Against Immigration and Multi-Culturalism
Russian racial Nationalists make their point against mosques being built in Slavic Russia
Elsewhere in Europe there are similar protests taking place, most recently in Bulgaria and Poland.

Left-Wing Silence Over
The Murder of Two Golden Dawn Activists

Golden Dawn stages a memorial vigil to Manolis Kapelonis and his comrade
Giorgos Fountoulis who were ruthlessly gunned down on the door step of a Golden Dawn office building in Athens.
While British Movement activists staged a series of torchlight vigils in Leeds on November 7th to show solidarity with Golden Dawn and to honour the two fallen Greek comrades; and on Saturday November 9th a British pan-Nationalist demonstration took place outside the Greek Embassy in London to show solidarity with Golden Dawn.
Here in the United Kingdom, certain extreme-Left wing organisation and their assorted social media outlets and publications have been strangely silent about the terrorist shootings in Athens which resulted in the killing of two Golden Dawn activists and the wounding of a third.
Usually these self-appointed 'anti-fascist/anti-racist' professionals fall over themselves to report
even the smallest act of miss-conduct by anyone they consider to be of 'the Far-Right'.
But here is a major news story about an organisation in Greece that these groups and publications have been hysterically campaigning against and yet there are no major features on these obvious politically motivated killings.
Could it be that these professional 'anti-fascists' are afraid to comment in case they are seen to condemn their violent Europe based compatriots involved in the shootings?
Or could it be that they are afraid to comment favourably on the shootings because to do so would hold them open to accusations of approving of, and supporting an act of terrorism?
We should not forget that these same violent UK based 'anti-fa' groups parade behind slogans like 'Whatever it takes' or 'By whatever means Necessary'.
Well, their psychopathic anti-fascist friends in Greece have demonstrated exactly what that means.
Entirely Marxist of course - Lenin himself said that 'they' (the Bolsheviks) could never rule out the use of terror.
*** Note to any members of the state security services reading this blog.
You might like to investigate rumours that certain loud-mouthed anti-fascist activists in Manchester and Liverpool who have drunkenly stated their approval of the drive-by shootings of Golden Dawn members in Athens. It is alleged that these individuals have also stated that they wish that they could do the same to 'fascists and nazis' over here on British streets.
Potential domestic terrorists there one might think.

Friday, November 8, 2013

British Movement Vigil in Leeds in Solidarity with the Fallen Comrades of the Golden Dawn

British Movement Vigil in Leeds - Thursday November 7th 2013
Solidarity with our Fallen Greek Comrades of the Golden Dawn
The West Riding of Yorkshire Region of British Movement Salutes the Two
Fallen Comrades of the Golden Dawn and Condemns the Actions of the Greek
Government in its Oppression of the Golden Dawn and the Imprisonment of its Leaders.


On the evening of Thursday November 7th 2013, activists from the assorted branches and groups of British Movement Yorkshire West Riding region took part in a series of vigils and protests across the centre of Leeds. Activists from other racial Nationalist organisations joined together with British Movement activists to declare solidarity with Golden Dawn and to mark our respects for the three Golden Dawn activists shot in the drive by shooting/terrorist attack in Athens this week.
Two Golden Dawn killed and a third badly wounded - an outrage that has followed on the heels of the Greek Government's illicit oppression of Golden Dawn.

BM activists stood with Golden Dawn flags and BM Sunwheel banners together with placards
stating BM solidarity with Golden Dawn, and specially prepared posters of the two fallen Golden Dawn comrades.
 The strong wind prevented the candle-lit assembly, but the city centre vigil and a protest outside the BBC buildings in Leeds took place. A statement from the BM main office was read out on the steps of the BBC TV building before BM activists handed in a letter of protest to the BBC News studio.

The Leeds vigil was jointly organised by Leeds Branch BM and BM Northern Leader Guard, support from members of BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch and Bradford BM group together with other BM activists and supporters from across West Yorkshire.
More than 30 people took part in this gathering, with many others sending messages of support.
Thanks to members of other Nationalist organisations who stood alongside BM last night in Leeds.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Red Terrorist Attack on Golden Dawn in Athens - Two GD activists killed

The Red Terror Has Returned to Greece
In previous decades Greece was plagued by violent Left-wing extremists
Bomb attacks by communist militants and anarchists were frequent
Now the Red Terror has returned to murder Golden Dawn activists.
Three Golden Dawn activists who were guarding the front entrance to the organisations Athens head quarters building were gunned down in a drive-by shooting. Two GD men, one aged 24 years and the other 27 years of age were killed, the third GD man was badly wounded.
This escalation in extreme Left violence against Golden Dawn comes on the heels of a Europe wide campaign against the Greek racial Nationalist movement. Since the end of August British and other European and American anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations have been whipping up hysteria against the Golden Dawn under the guise of a 'Greece Solidarity Campaign'.
This campaign has generated support for pro-communist and Marxist -socialist parties in Greece and has incited Greek leftists to 'Smash the Golden Dawn'.
The Greek government is complicit in this escalation because of its crude attempts to criminalise Golden Dawn and its leadership on politically manipulated arrests and false charges.

The high profile arrest of elected Golden Dawn members of parliament in September 2013 was a propaganda stunt by the Greek government. It is rumoured that the masked men carrying out the arrests were mercenaries - 'hired-guns' provided by foreign-based Security companies. The Athens government knew that in some sections of the Greek police and Armed forces - there is support for Golden Dawn. So unable to trust its own military, it brought in foreign specialists. One source suggests that the heavies were masked up and in civilian clothes because they were not Greek and may have been 'borrowed' from the Israeli Defence Force - or Mossad, specially for the task. We shall see. 
After the fatal stabbing of a self-styled Greek anti-fascist 'hip-hop artist', allegedly by a supporter of the Golden Dawn, the Greek Far-Left seized the moment as an excuse to stage aggressive mass demonstrations in Athens and other Greek cities as part of the campaign against Golden Dawn.
The Greek government has provided a justification for the Left by staging the high profile arrests of Golden Dawn MP's and leaders in September - a carefully calculated piece of political theatre.
Across Europe the internationalists and globalists are afraid of the appeal of Golden Dawn to the Greek public and the bureaucrats of the European Union have worked behind the scenes to undermine Golden Dawn and to incite the Greek government to destroy the movement.
Last year the extreme Left in Greece tried to disrupt Golden Dawn's political campaign in the elections by fire-bombing the Golden Dawn election headquarters.
Now, encouraged by calls from anti-racist groups across Europe and in the UK, the Greek militant anti-fascists have stepped up the violence - a double murder.

A Golden Dawn rally earlier this year
There is a Europe wide campaign by the extreme-Left urging Marxist militants to destroy Golden Dawn.

British Movement salutes the fallen of Golden Dawn - we are sure there will be more.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

British News & Views - last week of October

British Movement
News & Views - Last week of October
More Nonsense in the Media
Ulster Newspaper - 'Shock! Horror!' report
The usual mish-mash of inaccurate information and journalist hysteria.
Received at the BM Sunwheel Office this week from our comrades in Ulster, an article that appeared in the Northern Irish newspaper, 'The Sunday World'.
Although this article was supposed to be focussed on the National Front in Northern Ireland, more than a third of this report was given over to badly researched reporting on the activities of British Movement in Ulster.
 Saturday October 26th 2013
Successful British Movement AGM
 The Annual General Meeting for British Movement took place on Saturday October 26th.
Hosted by the BM East Midlands region, the meeting drew in delegates from across the country.
The meeting took reports from regional, branch and section organisers and heard proposed developments for the next year.
The annual awards ceremony tool place with a BM Honour Standard being awarded to the West Riding of Yorkshire region.

Banner of the AGM host region
BM East Midlands

British Movement Honour Standard on display at the BM AGM
This Standard belongs to the BM East Midlands Region and was presented in 2012
After the conclusion of the AGM, an evening of entertainment was provided by three bands from the Blood and Honour network; Gentleman Thugs, Section 88, and Whitelaw.
BM Youth Section banner decorates the wall of the AGM meeting
The Multi-Culturalists Fight Back Against the Tory Government's Lack Lustre
Anti-Illegal Immigration Campaign
In recent months the Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron has been thrown into a panic over the issue of immigration, mostly out of fear that UKIP might steal Tory votes.
In the full knowledge that in Spring 2014, Britain is likely to be flooded with hundreds, more likely thousands of unemployed and impoverished Roma migrants from Bulgaria and Romania, the Tory government is trying to talk tough on illegal immigration. the pathetic and totally inadequate poster van campaign in London, telling illegal immigrants to contact the Home Office and to 'Go Home'
is a farce. Outraged liberals and left-wingers have forced the Advertising Standards Agency to offer a legal challenge that has effectively shut down this Home Office campaign !
Unbelievable. The van campaign was an expensive gimmick with no serious intent behind it in the first place. The multi-culturalists have used the UK Border Agency and Home Office campaign on illegal immigration as a rallying point for the forces of multi-culturalism and internationalism.
 The image below appeared in the 'Guardian' this week and shows what happens when a weak government dares to poke its nose into the rat's nest of illegal immigration.

Chinatown rallies against the UK Border Agency and Home Office searches for illegal immigrants in London.
These protestors are not denying that there are illegal immigrants amongst the Chinese enclave in Chinatown, they just don't want the authorities looking for them or deporting them.

British National Socialism - Building the Modern NS Alternative

Building A Grassroots British NS Movement

A German NSDAP poster from the 1930's/1940's - an example of how the National Socialist movement embraces and protects the Aryan family. Social welfare; lies at the heart of a Family and Folk Community.
This is our example - British Movement looks to create an NS alternative to the social welfare system controlled by the State and local authorities in modern Britain.
Building an alternative British NS social welfare and support network will have small beginnings, but local initiatives can be effective and we can look at the modern example of the Golden Dawn in Greece, where party activists operate food distribution centres and clothing centres for those in poverty and social need.

We have to be realistic in our approach, this will be a slow process, a long term objective, but it is achievable.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

British Movement News & Views - October continued

British Movement News & Views - October comments continued
 The West Midlands Terrorist Case
Ukrainian 'Lone Wolf'
Multi-cultural Britain has taken another body blow to its credibility.
A Ukrainian student launched a 'lone-wolf'  campaign  against multi-racial Britain, just five days after arriving in the UK.
Pavlo Lapchyn allegedly stabbed to death an 82 year old Asian Muslim on the streets of Small Heath in Birmingham, and was allegedly behind a series of small bomb attacks against mosques in Tipton, Walsall and Wolverhampton.
Anti-racist organisations had been quick to blame British racial Nationalists for the attacks and typically, the police and MI5 security services flooded into West Midlands, expecting to be
dealing with 'home-grown' White resistance.
The Ukrainian student did not fit their profile and may have been motivated by own racial awareness and his shock at the multi-racial conditions he found himself in on arriving in Britain.
Some media reports suggest that Pavlo Lapchyn was further angered by the brutal killing of British soldier Fusilier Lee Rigby on a London street by two British born jihadists.
As the case continues in the courts there have been no reliable indications as to why Pavlo Lapchyn chose to fight a one-man race-war so soon after his arrival in the UK.

Pavlo Lapchyn - a 25 year old PhD science student
He arrived in Britain on April 24th 2013 and within days of arriving in the West Midlands began a campaign against
non-whites and Muslims.
Immigration - There is no end in sight to the illegal sea crossings into Europe
In spite of the recent ship wreck and mass drowning off Lampedusa, the boats keep coming.
Over loaded boat loads of illegal immigrants continue to arrive on the Italian island of Lampedusa, on the shores of Sicily and Malta. Most of the ships and boats originate from Libya, but others are setting out from Algeria and Morocco.
The numbers coming run into many tens of thousands and there is no sign of the flood ever ending.
 Many of these illegal immigrants land in Malta or Italy but want to come to Britain.
This cartoon originated in the USA in the 1960;s and was later used by British racial Nationalists as anti-immigration
propaganda - the US civil rights slogan 'We Shall Overcome' changed to 'We Shall Overwhelm'
The use of this cartoon has been resurrected in some parts of Europe to illustrate the likely future if the tidal wave of illegal immigration from ports in North Africa continues.
 The Greek Roma - Blonde Child Case
Spot the difference
The little girl has obvious Aryan features - unlike her Roma 'adoptive parents'
Their racial origins are clear to see - non-Aryan

The discovery of a blonde-haired little girl living in a Roma Gypsy compound in Greece has raised a number of interesting questions about where the child really came from.
The liberals and multi-culturalists have been quick to defend Roma Gypsies and have condemned those commentators who have raised the old 'stereo-type' that Roma Gypsies are child-stealers.
Anti-racists say that there is "no evidence" for this (ignore those unfortunate stories coming out of Dublin this week about another blonde child being found with an Eastern European Roma family)

British Movement has many National Socialist and racial Nationalist contacts in Eastern Europe who have very definite and strongly held views on the Roma and how the Roma should be treated.
Unfortunately British race relations laws prevent the Sunwheel team from repeating what our friends in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Germany have to say about the Roma people.
British readers of this blog should bear in mind that after February 2014 the restrictions on EU citizens from Bulgaria and Romania coming to settle in the UK are lifted.
There are large Roma communities in Bulgaria and Romania - Britain can expect very large numbers of them arriving on our shores from February onwards.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

More BM News and Views - October

More British Movement News and Views
BM National Secretary speaks at Heritage and Destiny John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday October 12th 2013
Souvenir programme for the H & D - John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
The British Movement National Secretary was one of the invited speakers at the pan-Nationalist event.  The BM National Secretary spoke at the same meeting last year where he recalled the long standing political collaboration between John Tyndall and BM founder Colin Jordan.
 This year the subject of his speech was the programme and agenda of British Movement.
For obvious reasons this was a topic covered in general terms, but the BM spokesman made it clear that British Movement is a committed 100% National Socialist organisation and the writings and ideas of Colin Jordan continue to influence BM ideology and developments.
The BM National Secretary also pointed out to the audience that BM had actively supported the recent ISD memorial festival and reminded the listeners that it had been the 20th anniversary of Ian Stuart's death.
It was made clear that British Movement operates as an extra-parliamentary organisation and does not enter into the electoral process, which BM considers to be a rigged game.
Emphasis is placed on building up a grassroots NS movement with events such as the Northern BM region Sunwheel Festival being used as a template for future nationwide family events.
Counter culture and NS social welfare projects were outlined and the role of the BMWD and Young Wolf - BM youth section in these developments were stressed.
 The National Secretary's speech was well received and other speakers expressed their support for the British Movement agenda.

Bradford EDL Protest - The Aftermath
The BM Family Book - published several years ago as a guideline towards staging events and celebrations combining traditional British folk festivals and NS ideology.
In our last blog we raised the media and political circus around the planned EDL static protest in the centre of Bradford on Saturday October 12th.
The EDL protest took place with a massive police presence and rigid restrictions on what the EDL supporters could do, where they could and could not go, what kinds of flags and banners they would be allowed to display. The anti-racists and anti-EDL protestors were allowed a good deal more freedom, from the very beginning West Yorkshire Police commanders had made it clear that they regarded the EDL protest as a problem not a lawful exercise of political expression.
The aftermath was just as predictable - the regional news media all reported negatively on the EDL protest. Local politicians automatically condemned the event and made all the usual calls for the EDL to be banned from staging such protests.
George Galloway the Respect party MP for Bradford West, a politician who was voted into office on the back of a massive Muslim/Asian vote - called on the Home Secretary Theresa May to declare the EDL an illegal organisation, in a classic example of a democratic politician in action, Galloway said,
" It's time for Theresa May to ban this collection of ne'er do wells and neo-Nazis."
No better example of tolerance and regard for the diversity of political opinion there.
Finally there were demands from every quarter of local politicians that the cost of policing the EDL protest was reason not to allow such 'racist' demonstrations in future.
Allegedly the cost of policing the protest was in excess of £1 million - but there has been  no explanation as to how that cost figure was arrived at.
Did it include one wonders the cost of many hours of expensive police time touring mosques and community centres 're-assuring' minority communities prior to the Saturday protest?
Did it include the cost of catering for all the anti-EDL events and activities?
Why were those activities not criticised?

Newspaper photograph from the Yorkshire Post showing just how contained the EDL demonstration was in reality.
Did this really cost £1 million ?


Sunday, October 13, 2013

British Movement News & Views - mid-October

British Movement - News & Views - Mid-October 2013
All Our Yesterdays 
 The Catholic Herald newspaper for September 27th 2013 published a photograph of a 1978 BM protest, for some reason the picture was used to illustrate a review of a book by former National Front organiser Joe Pearce.

This was the photograph used by the Catholic Herald - Oct. 27th 2013
Their caption read:
"Members of the Far-Right British Movement make Fascist-style salutes as they leave a court in Leamington in 1978 after two members appeared on charges of inciting racial hatred."
Leftists and Liberals in EU Starting to Panic
Hard on the heels of the contrived political clampdown on the Golden Dawn in Greece, now the EU based 'defenders of democracy' are starting to get nervous about the increasing strength of Nationalist political parties in other areas of the European Union.
This latest bout of liberal twitchiness has been generated by recent early electoral advances in France by the Front National. Left-of-centre French President Francois Hollande has issued dire warnings about the possible political consequences for the European Union if the potential electoral success of the Front National is repeated in certain other EU states.
The EU apparatchiks are already stressed about the Golden Dawn in Greece, about the political strength of the populist Nationalist  government in Hungary, the strength of pro-Nationalist parties in Switzerland, and now the Left sees a threat in the 2014 European elections in Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, a threat from what the Left media calls 'the Far-Right parties across Europe'. 
Here in Britain the extreme-Left and their liberal allies worry about Islamophobia and anti-immigration politics. On the one hand the anti-racists claim that "fascism in Britain is in decline". but then go on to call for unity on the Left, - the 'Guardian' letters page for Friday Oct 11th carried a letter, entitled.
"We must not relax in fight against fascism"
Which says it all. The letter has all the usual left-wing paranoia, mostly about the EDL
 Meanwhile in the build up to Saturday's EDL static demo in Bradford, the media in Yorkshire went into overdrive condemning the EDL for daring to hold a patriotic protest in such a centre of multi-culturalism and diversity as Bradford.
The BBC Look North regional news programme focussed on the efforts of anti-racists and a self-styled 'multi-faith' group working hand in hand with professional anti-fascists 'Hope Not Hate'.
, in their campaign against the EDL event, local councillors were interviewed on camera to give anti-EDL opinions, then the local commander for West Yorkshire Police, (who was shown earlier visiting mosques and Asian community centres to 're-assure the Muslim community') the police commander made it clear that he was anything but impartial and regarded the EDL as a problem.
Considering that the BBC is supposed to be impartial there was no comparable coverage of the EDL point of view on Bradford.
Death of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer (Captain) Erich Priebke in Rome
International news agencies reported the death on Friday October 11th 2013 of former SS Officer
Erich Priebke aged 100 years of age. Herr Priebke was waiting to stand trial for alleged war crimes in Italy in 1944. Captain Priebke had commanded an SS detachment in Rome that executed 335 Italians in reprisal for the bombing and killing of off-duty German soldiers by Italian partisan guerrillas.
Reprisal actions of this kind were common place in wartime and were carried out by all fighting forces, Axis, Soviet and Allied.
However only the losers of wars are called to account.

New blog team - Young Wolf - BM Youth Section
check out:-   youngwolf14bm.blogspot.co.uk
New blog team - BMWD - British Movement Women's Division
Give them some support.

Friday, October 4, 2013

British Movement News & Views - continued

British Movement - News & Views
The Attack on Golden Dawn Continues
The Hypocrisy of Democracy Continues
Golden Dawn Leader Imprisoned - Golden Dawn MP's Released on Bail
 Every day this week has brought news of further Greek Government machinations against the Golden Dawn organisation, Greek laws have been distorted to facilitate the arrests and detentions of legally elected Golden Dawn Members of Parliament.
 Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been transfered to a central prison and is the first Greek political leader to be arrested and jailed in this fashion for over 40 years.

Masked Greek police parade one of the arrested Golden Dawn MP's in front of the world's media.
Very deliberately the Golden Dawn prisoners are shown in handcuffs to re-inforce the Greek government propaganda that Golden Dawn is a 'criminal organisation'.
Note: All the supposed 'police officers' are not in police uniforms and are always masked and hooded to prevent identification, Which suggests that they are not police at all but are from the Secret Security services.
The hypocrisy of the Greek Government in this matter is that left-wing and liberal Greek politicians condemn Golden Dawn and claim that if Golden Dawn were to come to power it would create a police state where liberals and socialists would face arrest for their political views.
So in order to protect Greek 'democracy' the Greek Government is arresting Golden Dawn MP's on trumped up charges, using secret police tactics!
Mass Drowning of Illegal Immigrants as Overloaded Ship Sinks
Liberal and Left-wing Media Seek to Play the Humanitarian Card
News Reports by BBC and British newspapers describe the victims as 'migrants' not as illegal immigrants or economic migrants seeking to enter Europe illegally
Just one of the British national newspaper front page reports today.
 Why does no one ever state the obvious - these people are trying to enter Europe illegally, by whatever means they can, whether the people of Europe want them or not.
This is a human tidal wave from Africa and Asia that will eventually drown Britain and Europe.

This book first appeared in English in the 1970's and predicted the invasion of Europe by hordes of starving Third Worlders.
The situation facing Europe now echoes the terrible vision that Raspail wrote as fiction.
More Sharia Law and Islamist 'Culture'
An Islamic School in Derby - the Al Madinah school - has suddenly closed its doors when official Ofsted inspectors arrived unannounced. It was reported that in violation of British education rules, the classes were segregated, Muslim girls were made to sit at the back of classes. Female staff and female students were forced to cover their hair and wear Islamic dress.
Meanwhile in Lancashire - At the Mount Carmel Roman Catholic high school two 14 year old Muslim boys have been suspended from school because they refuse to shave off beards, they insist that the beards are of religious importance.
 As ever in such cases multi-culturalists defend these situations by demanding that the education authorities respect 'cultural sensitivities.'
'Cultural sensitivity' always works against the White British majority culture.
The Ed Milliband versus the 'Daily Mail' Storm in a Tea Cup
All the liberal media reports play down the fact that Milliband senior was a dedicated Marxist and Internationalist. Ralph Milliband came to Britain just before the outbreak of the Second World War as a Jewish refugee fleeing from Eastern Europe. Much is being made of the fact that Ralph Milliband joined the Royal Navy and from 1943 served in the war.
Labour Party leader Ed Milliband claims that this military service is evidence that his father was a patriot (to Britain). This ignores the fact that Milliband joined up to "fight the nazis" and not out of any act of 'patriotism' to the country he had recently sought asylum in.
Post-war Ralph Milliband became a leading Marxist academic and was very influential in helping to create the upsurge in Marxist thinking and writing that generated the '1968 Generation' of leftists that came to dominate British trade unions, teaching, social work, media and local goverment from the 1970's to the present day. Milliband senior was a highly regarded radical Left-winger and is reputedly buried in the same cemetery as his hero Karl Marx.

Ralph Milliband father of Labour Party leader Ed Milliband in his wartime uniform.
Looking at this image it is clear to any British National Socialist or racial Nationalist as to what Ralph Milliband's racial origins are.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Greek NS party Golden Dawn Under Attack - Greek Police Arrest GD Leader and Five GD MP's - A Warning to us all of 'Democracy' and its hypocrisy

The Golden Dawn is under attack
Golden Dawn Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been arrested
Five other legally elected Golden Dawn Members of Parliament arrested
The Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has twisted Greek law to allow the arrests by classing Golden Dawn, a legal political party, as a "criminal organisation".
These are the tactics of a so-called 'democracy' under pressure.
The arrest of Golden Dawn leaders reveals the hypocrisy of a 'democracy', when the liberals and leftists feel that their system is under threat, they change the rules and bend their own laws to silence the opposition - Stalin would approve of their tactics.

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaliakos - arrested on fabricated charges.
The attack on Golden Dawn has been gathering momentum for months, the Greek socialists, liberals and communists have all been pressing to have Golden Dawn banned or shut down, whether by legal means or other means. Golden Dawn had increased its political support massively, especially in Athens; from 17% to over 20% and growing.Golden Dawn has a solid, elected base of MP's in the Greek Parliament, a base that will increase. In addition there are municipal elections in Greece in 2014 and Golden Dawn looks set to have huge gains - unless of course their political and electoral campaigns can be wrecked.
The Greek political establishment has already been plotting against Golden Dawn and has planted concocted conspiracy stories in both the Greek and international news media.
Last week the Greek Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos fed a story to the world news lines that he was launching an official investigation into links between Golden Dawn and the Greek armed forces. There were exaggerated stories of "Far-right hit squads" being trained and equipped by members of the Greek military, especially from the Hellenic Special Forces. Very conveniently this story was expanded by left-wing journalists to suggest that in the event of a political crisis in Greece, Golden Dawn would assist trhe Greek military in staging a coup - replacing the democratic Greek government with a military junta.
Earlier in the year, the media were circulating stories that Greek police officers were conspiring with Golden Dawn in attacks on immigrants and anti-racists.
All these stories were part of a build up to undermine Golden Dawn by tainting it with alleged criminality and to set opinion that would support the arrest of its leaders and MP's.
Then a self-styled 'anti-fascist hip-hop' artist called Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death in a dispute with Golden Dawn members, the stabbing allegedly carried out by a Golden Dawn supporter.
This killing was very, very conveniently timed to coincide with measures being planned by the Greek Government against Golden Dawn, and gave the Greek State the excuse it needed.
A very suspicious chain of events.
The headlines of the Golden Dawn newspaper for two weeks ago, attacking the Greek Government and its handling of the Greek economic crisis - the Greek political Establishment has hit back hard, twisting the legal system to allow a crack down on an increasingly powerful opponent.
The extreme Left in Greece, in fact across Europe and in Britain have been campaigning against Golden Dawn at all levels. The arrests in Athens yesterday are only part of what the Communists and fellow travellers are demanding.
Consider this little gem of political tolerance -
" Those on the front line fighting fascism in Greece should have the strongest
support not only from antifascists but also from all those who believe in
democracy internationally.........
.............We do it in the spirit of sinking our differences and uniting to smash
Golden Dawn and its supporters, both within Greece and outside it."
How is that for a display of tolerance and equality for all?
This is how the Left really think and operate - they will not tolerate any political ideology that challenges their internationalist world view, and will use every means, legal and illegal, to stop the rise of Nationalism or National Socialism.

Violent Left-wing 'anti-fascists' on the streets campaigning against Golden Dawn
The Europe wide anti-racist movement is obsessed with the historical example of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, where the forces of the Left failed and Franco's Nationalists triumphed.
Hence the Left's constant use of the Spanish Republican slogan "No Pasaran" - the problem for them is that they did pass -
General Franco won.

Let all British racial Nationalists, civic Nationalists and populist Nationalists who advocate the electoral route as the only way forward take heed of what has happened in Greece, and what may yet happen. The Golden Dawn leader and the other detained Golden Dawn MP's are all legally elected representatives of a legal political party in the Hellenic political system.
Golden Dawn was increasingly successful in the electoral system and was showing every sign of ousting the corrupt and incompetent represntatives of the existing political parties, and was threatening the status quo with its radical, racial Nationalist agenda.
The Greek political elite felt threatened, the EU technocrats and career politicians in Brussels felt threatened, so in the best democratic traditions, they arrest the challengers from the 'Far-Right' and will concoct a situation where the threat can be declared illegal.
It can just as easily happen here in the UK if ever a Nationalist party gets close enough to pose a threat to their status quo. The BNP was gaining electoral success but look at it now - dirty tricks, infiltration, massive media campaigns etc etc -
To quote the late Arnold Leese - 'Democracy is Death!'

Monday, September 23, 2013

British Movement News and Views - catch-up number 2

British Movement News and Views
catching up no. 2
ISD Memorial Weekend
September 2013
British Movement salutes the memory of Ian Stuart
Top marks to Blood and Honour for putting together a very well organised and professional ISD Memorial weekend.
This was probably the biggest and best ISD for years. 
Members of the BM Sunwheel Office team travelled down on Saturday morning and met up with many BM comrades already on site. The trio from Sunwheel Office ran the BM sales stall and it was great to meet up with BM comrades from across the UK as well as the many other racial Nationalists from both the UK and overseas who met us on the day.
We would like to extend a big thank you to all those people who were customers at the
BM Second Chance Sales section table and those who patronised the stall run by the BM activists raising funds for BMWD and Young Wolf Youth section.
*** Point of information: - the notoriously unreliable anti-fascists at Hope Not Hate were actually
boasting on Friday evening that they had 'discovered' the venue for ISD 2013, and speculated that between 400 and 500 'Neo-nazis' would attend over the festival weekend.
Once again the self-styled 'experts' at Hope Not Hate got it wrong.
By Saturday evening they were claiming that between 1,000 and 1,200 were at the ISD - but they said that only 200 - 250 British festival goers were there, with the majority of attendees being from overseas - mostly German.
Goodness knows what kind of guess work lay behind those figures - But the BM activists on site told the Sunwheelteam that there were at least 500 people on site on Friday night and on the Saturday we lost count of the people coming onto the festival field.
There were people from across the White World there, and plenty of German comrades, but the whole of Europe was well represented and there were certainly a lot more British festival goers than the mere 250 quoted by the HNH site.
Wrong again Hope Not Hate!

A night time demonstration by the Golden Dawn.
Other political parties in Greece are starting to panic as support for Golden Dawn has risen.
Following on from the last BM News and Views blog, the political situation on the streets in Greece continues to escalate from clashes between the pro-NS Golden Dawn and gangs of illegal immigrants, to clashes between Golden Dawn and militant anti-racists and communists.
In a recent confrontation in the Keratsini district of Athens a self-styled 'anti-fascist hip-hop artist' called Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death. alllegedly by a supporter of Golden Dawn.
In true democratic fashion, Greek anti-fascists rioted on the streets of Athens and fought the police, and protested aganist the killing by burning cars and trashing the city centre, until the Athens police scattered the Reds with teargas and baton charges.

The Twisted World of Advertising
British Movement considers this ad by the Halifax to be totally unacceptable.
It is pure propaganda for multi-culturalism
How many fellow National Socialists and racial Nationalists have noticed the increased number of
commercial advertisements on TV and in the printed media that feature racially mixed couples?
Illustrated here is the latest offering by the Halifax bank, but there are others, including ads for furniture companies and broadband services. Almost all feature a black man with a white female,
usually a blonde young woman. Other recent ads feature mixed race groups of children with a White parent.
This is pure multi-culturalist propaganda seeking to lodge these images in the minds of gullible 'Joe Public', to make the sight of racially mixed couples appear to be the norm and therefore a sign of the future Britain 'they' hope to see.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Remember Ian Stuart - British Movement Salutes Ian Stuart Donaldson

Remember Ian Stuart
20th Anniversary of the Death of Ian Stuart Donaldson
British Movement Salutes the Memory of Ian Stuart.
Although he was never officially a member of British Movement, he was a good friend to many of our activists and attended some BM meetings and social events.
He was a committed racial Nationalist and talented song writer and musician.
Our Cause lost a valued and popular warrior when Ian Stuart passed away.
20 years on - We Salute him.
Hail Victory!